The Charlotte Freak Show

American ThinkerBy Peter Heck

Not since the tear gas and mass arrests of Chicago 1968 have the Democrats put on a convention that better demonstrated to the American people the sorry state of the left's values and ideals. From the opening refrains that echoed the macabre yet unifying obsession amongst Democrats in Charlotte to promote the killing of unborn children to the culminating moment of President Barack Obama telling us why we need more of him in our lives to survive, the Democrat National Convention revealed just how deplorable things have become in that party.

Truth be told, most casual observers could see the train wreck coming a mile away. Once the speaker line-up for the convention's opening day had been released, the ensuing circus was completely predictable. First, the Democrats would give the floor to a communist from the SEIU, followed by the most rabid abortion fanatic in the country. Then, Harry Reid would take to the stage, presumably to tell everyone of a secret phone call he had just received informing him that Mitt Romney had once molested a pack of wild penguins. He wouldn't have proof, because it's Romney's job to prove that it didn't happen.

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