Rich Environmentalists to Africans: No Insecticide! (3 Billion Dead & Counting Movie Trailer)

Cornwall Alliance “Insecticide for me, but not for thee” is the usual refrain for rich environmentalists. The return of West West Nile virus to New York starts a new verse of the same song. Let the spraying begin—in wealthy New York, but not in poor Africa.

The ironies would be delicious if they weren’t so tragic:•In New York one can’t buy food cooked in certain oils (banned by government). Many sub-Saharan Africans wish they could buy food—period.

•Mayor Bloomberg wants to ban all kinds of snacks. Sub-Saharan Africans would love to have them shipped there. •No more than 16 ounces of soda for you New Yorkers! Sub-Saharan Africans wish they could get safe drinking water. •Can one buy useful bug spray in New York? Can sub-Saharan Africans buy much of anything?

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