The greatest fraud in history

Doug Hagmann Wednesday, September 19, 2012Canada Free Press

Too few Americans are prepared for what’s coming our way. We are facing a grave crisis that will have a dramatic effect on every American citizen, our national security and our very way of life. It is the asymmetrical warfare of financial terrorism, and the U.S. politicians, the central bankers, the global leaders are the terrorists. Sound harsh? Absolutely. Frightening? Although a healthy dose of fear is indeed warranted, it should not paralyze you, but compel you to act. Preparation is an effective antidote for fear.

But prepare for what? I’ll admit that I was never that good in Economics classes as I found them to be very boring. Even today, I find the talk of derivatives, toxic assets, off balance sheet loans, and so on to be complex and hard to follow. I suspect I’m not alone in thinking this way. It was not until gas reached almost $5.00 per gallon in 2008 and I realized that I had “more month than money” that I wanted to know everything I could about what’s going on in the financial world. Read More: