NJ Hamas Imam Calls on Obama to Imprison Islam Critics

Daniel GreenfieldFrontpage Magazine

The levels of irony here are overwhelming. Imam Qatanani is a confessed Hamas member and terrorist supporter whom the government attempted to deport and would have been back in Hamastine if not for the intervention of prominent and prominently corrupt New Jersey politicians. And now the Imam from Paterstine is calling on the Department of Homeland Security to go after anyone who offends Muslims.

“My position is that White House has to say strong in its condemnation [of the filmmakers] and take this person to court. If he is innocent, we will accept that… The government has strong case against this person.”

When asked what can be done to prevent future attacks, Qatanani invoked Homeland Security again, suggesting that the department actually step-in to prevent artists, composers, movie-makers, or satirists (among others), from producing works critical of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. He believes it is in America’s best interest to quell this kind of free speech as it “ruins” America’s image abroad and will ultimately hurt people. Read More: http://frontpagemag.com/2012/dgreenfield/nj-hamas-imam-calls-on-obama-to-imprison-islam-critics/