Sexual perversion is good for you’, claims BBC


Warning: this article contains a candid evaluation of sexual perversion and its roots.

It seems that the BBC is no longer turning a blind eye to immorality—they are now actively encouraging it. In the May edition of the BBC’s Focus magazine, Luis Villazon tells us that “It’s good to be bad”.1 Supposedly, men who are disagreeable and aggressive earn significantly more money; rudeness enhances negotiating skills; and anger increases longevity. According to Rutgers University social psychologist Dr Corinne Moss-Racusin, “Men are rewarded for their ‘bad’ behaviour because this falls in line with strict expectations for masculinity”. Not only will cheating help you get ahead in life, Villazon says, but lying actually improves language skills. Moreover, he claims, children who start lying at an early age develop better problem solving skills and are more likely to grow up to be higher-achieving adults due to having better brains. Read More: