The ultimate conspiracy

October 8, 2012Stephen Stone, RA President

I have a theory that's been nagging me for months, and I hope I'm completely wrong.

My theory would help explain why Barack Obama appeared unfocused, overconfident, even annoyingly arrogant during the first presidential debate — obviously taking what could be a "game changer" too lightly — with the result that Mitt Romney didn't so much win their first in-person encounter as Obama lost it by default.

An election with no precedent

Here's my theory:

Suppose you were the most powerful man on the planet — someone who could change the ruling structure of Egypt and Libya by the command of his voice, inspiring the "Arab Spring," bringing down two longtime Middle East strongmen, and "making the world safe for the Muslim Brotherhood" (with its stated goal of destroying Western Civilization and replacing it with Islamic Sharia) in the process. Read More: