Satanic Inversion of America Almost Complete

By the power and authority of Jesus Christ the exorcist commands the possessing spirit to tell him where he has been leading Carl. The spirit begrudgingly answers: "To knowledge of the universe...the knowledge that humans are just a part of the universe (that) they are parts of a greater physical being." (Hostage to the Devil, Malachi Martin, p. 390)

With yet more prompting, the possessing spirit admits that the 'greater physical being' is the universe, the creator of humans which may be either of matter or of psychic forces.

Satanic inversion involves replacing the true living God with something else as an object of veneration. Here the universe, or Cosmos as Carl Sagan lovingly referred to it, may be either matter and laws of evolution such as natural selection or psychic forces and energies such as karma. Either way, the universe replaces the living Creator as the mechanical creator of life, consciousness and humans, which ultimately means that life comes from death and back to death it must return.

The universe as matter is Epicurean atomism which in its' contemporary form is called scientific evolutionary materialism while the universe as psychic forces is occult spiritual New Age, monistic Buddhism and other forms of Eastern mysticism. While the former embraces some variation of Darwinism the latter prefers spiritual conceptions such as Teilhard's idea which leapfrogs off of Darwin's theory.

The apostate French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) taught that God emerges from matter. According to him, this evolution of God from the world or universe results in evolution becoming "conscious of itself" and ultimately, in the transformation of all matter into "Christ consciousness" or "pure spirit." He called this final stage the "Omega Point" or "the cosmic Christ."

Whereas Christian theism dedivinized the universe Teilhards conception redivinized it, making everything god in true pantheist fashion.

Materialist scientism has always been utterly repugnant to more spiritually sensitive people. With its' nihilism, mindless mechanistic universe, man as trousered ape, moral anarchy and irrationalism, it has generated its own crisis of credibility. However, as a universal acid it has broken down the West's Biblical-based worldview and thrown wide the door to equally irrational but far more dangerous occult New Age spiritual humanism.

Spiritual humanism began to emerge in the United States around 1965 and today has infused and spiritualized secular materialism and its concomitant religion Leftism, transforming both into agencies for the transmission of ultimate values and revelations from the unseen realm....from powers and principalities. (The Devil's Elite Dupes )

By the mid-1980s, a bright "new" spirituality began to seductively beckon demoralized, restless, narcissistic, consumerist Westerners. Like moths to a flame, influential segments of our culture quickly responded, converting to it in one form or another, finding it quite simply irresistable with its' promise of personal "spiritual" power, peace, unending pleasure, oneness with the Divine, and its' devilishly seductive whisper, "you can become god."

In Marilyn Ferguson's book, "The Aquarian Conspiracy," she identifies the "new" spiritual humanism as New Age and says this movement of spirit is poised to radically transform our culture. Western society is at a pivotal point, said Ferguson in reference to what she called the "Emergent Culture" of the New Age.

Ferguson reveals that today's religious Left are no longer strictly secular atheist but a spiritually-cohesive, vast interlocking-network of individuals, grassroots initiatives, and thousands upon thousands of formal organizations at every level of society, from the lowest level to the highest global corridors of political, spiritual, and economic power that link this movement both nationally and internationally.

In 1998, Dr. Elizabeth Fox-Genovese--an enthusiastic participant in the spiritual transformation of our culture-- observed about the Sixties cultural revolution:

“within a remarkably brief period …has occurred a cataclysmic transformation of the very nature of our society.” (Culture Warts or Faithful Servants? Dr. Peter Jones, truthxchange)

In other words, the living God, creation ex nihilo and man created in His spiritual image are no longer the norm. The 'new' norm is the devilish,

"knowledge that humans are just a part of the universe (that) they are parts of a greater physical being."

In his essay, "Culture Warts or Faithful Servants," Jones defines the devilish idea that "humans are just a part of the universe" as one-ism and writes that,

"among the first signs of this pagan conversion was the New Age movement (1960s–90s), which has matured into today’s progressive “New Spirituality.” Now the old hippies are joined by millions of ordinary, middle-class citizens in saying, “I’m spiritual, but not religious.”

This common phrase needs to be decoded:

1.Spiritual means “I define my own god whom I conveniently find within” (One-ism). It is authentic, and clearly good.

2. Religious is a code word for the religion based on divine revelation from the outside (Two-ism). It is an external imposition and clearly bad. (ibid, Jones)

Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center, has also been following the rise of occult neo-pagan spiritual humanism. In a work entitled, "Teachers, Preachers and Greens: The Unholy Alliance to Transform America," DeWeese reveals the existence of a well-funded yet covert effort to paganize American society through an assault on schools and churches. He reveals that the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City is the home of the enormously influential Gaia Institute as well as the Temple of Understanding — a politically influential U.N. Non-Governmental Organization. DeWeese describes a pagan "church service" at St. John the Divine:

"As the congregation sit in their church pews in the great Cathedral of St. John, the Divine in New York City, the priest stands at the alter, ready to receive a procession of animals for the annual Feast of Saint Francis blessing. Down the aisle comes a procession of elephants, camels, donkeys, monkeys and birds. These are followed by members of the congregation carrying bowls of compost and worms. Next, to the sounds of music, come acrobats and jugglers. In the pulpit, former Vice President Al Gore delivers a sermon, saying, "God is not separate from the Earth."

(online source: )

The devilishly-inspired paganization of American society has been so successful that for increasing numbers of Americans the physical and/or psychic universe has replaced the living God, heavenly realm, Original Sin, souls, spirits, thoughts, conscience, will, and angels and now life comes from death. Having triumphantly replaced the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo, evolutionary thinking has successfully inverted the order of creation and reversed the direction of Biblical theism and history itself so that it is now believed that men have not fallen from perfection but instead are gradually evolving upward from their ape beginnings toward greater and greater spiritual perfection. Continuous evolutionary change has so thoroughly replaced unchanging truths, moral absolutes, and virtue with lies, abomination and corruption that our days are like those of Pontius Pilate who asked of Jesus Christ--- who can know truth?

In light of all of this, Peter Jones observes that something very fishy is going on:

" Why is the most ethical, humane movement in two thousand years of Western history now covered in abject shame? Christianity has become “unchristian" (and according to change agents needs) to be seen not as something eternally fixed but as an ever-changing and developing process. The modern secular world is all part of that evolving process." (ibid, Culture Warts)

Faced with a dramatic loss of members and funds, main-line and Evangelical churches have responded by undertaking,

“a great experiment to redefine [themselves] through an intense engagement with the surrounding secular world…to blur the boundaries between religion and the broader society.” (ibid)

Something devilishly fishy is going on. The devil and his minions have managed to successfully invert the Divine order so that now the Way of Jesus Christ is the great obstacle to a better human hell.

Dr. Jones notes that satanic inversion can only be countered by courageous Christian believers who are willing to engage the revolutionary intellectual “strongholds,”

".. the “arguments and “lofty opinions raised against the knowledge of God,” in order to “take every thought captive to obey Christ…” (2 Corinthians 10:4-5) with “transformed minds” (Romans 12:2) by understanding and imitating “the mind of Christ” (1 Corinthians 2:16). Just do it!"

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