Alan Keyes: A summary of the 'Platform Republican Approach to the 2012 Election'

Renew America We have entered the period when voters usually make their final decisions about what they intend to do in the voting booth on election day. This year's election is, in a negative sense, the most fatefully treacherous the American people have ever faced. The future of their liberty is at stake, along with all the blessings liberty incurs. The election is treacherous, because in the contest for the Presidency neither of the two parties that have maliciously contrived to become the main focus of the political process offers a choice for President that actually preserves liberty.

In word and deed, the Democrats' nominee rejects the premises of liberty (as articulated in the organic law of the United States, including the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution), particularly the primordial principle of God-endowed unalienable rights. The Republican Party's platform formally acknowledges liberty's premises, and generally offers policies derived from respect for them, but apart from rhetoric, cynically deployed for electoral purposes, the Republican nominee's record as a public official coincides — in respect of every critical issue of principle — with that of his Democrat opponent.

Both have proposed and implemented socialist schemes for healthcare that establish and consolidate government control of this life-and-death sector of our economic life. With respect to the purported lawfulness of abortion, and enforcement by law of so-called "rights" for homosexuals, both have adopted stances incompatible with the premise that basic human rights are endowed by the Creator, not by government invention. With respect to the use and abuse of judicial power, both have adopted stances that erase the constitutional separation of powers. Both have expressed and acted on the pretense that, per se, judicial opinions have the force of law even when, without warrant of law or constitutional provision, they purport to ignore, alter, innovate, or abolish laws duly enacted by the legislative branch, or constitutional provisions duly ratified by the people. Read More: