The Left Is Rude, Crude, and Lewd – They Can't Help Themselves

Tim DunkinRenew America

What's the difference between the Vice President of the United States and a five-year old with ADHD? The five-year old has the good sense to take his Ritalin before appearing on national television. Along with millions of my fellow Americans, I witnessed last Thursday's vice-presidential debate between Joe Biden and his challenger, Paul Ryan. And like many of these same Americans, I was alternately appalled and embarrassed by the boorish behavior of Vice-President Joe Biden, whose childish actions throughout the allotted time seemed so out of sync with the high office that he occupies. In an apparent bid to appear "tough" and "passionate," Biden constantly interrupted Ryan as he tried to lay out his positions and make his arguments. It was almost as if Biden thought that the best way to nullify his opponent's facts and logic was to keep him from presenting them. At one point, we were treated to the spectacle of the Vice President laughing about the prospect of nuclear war. Some speculate that Biden followed this approach to the debate as a means of compensating for the extremely lackluster performance given by his boss in the first presidential debate eight days earlier; the leftist base of the Democrat Party wanted more "aggressiveness" from its standard bearers (the President was criticized earlier for being too timid, for allowing Romney to "get away with" dirty debating tactics like "having a command of the facts" and "being able to speak clearly.") They got what they wanted, though I must admit, it is debatable whether it was really a good idea to send the Vice President out on stage acting in such a way as to remind women voters of their emotionally abusive ex-boyfriends. Read More: