Secular Humanists Frightening 'Morals' of Tolerance

Contending against a true Christian, a self-identified secular humanist accused the Christian of being a moral tyrannist, a believer in moral absolutes in other words, before setting out his own system of open-minded morality: "Anything which makes a person happy and hurts no other creature is moral. This covers blasphemy, apostasy, any kind of sex between consenting adults, masturbation, smoking, drinking, gambling, and skipping rocks... in moderation of course. Someone's sexual relationship with other consenting adults is their own business. (Before you start picking nits I clearly said "hurts no other creature".

His opening declaration ought to frighten all thoughtful people, especially those who know and acknowledge the brutal reality that evil cuts right through the soul of every man who therefore must never be empowered to define for himself the meaning of "anything" "happy" and "hurts no other creature." The 20th century with its' 100,000,000+ men, women, and children inhumanly tortured, worked to death as slaves, used as lab rats in scientific experiments, and cruelly murdered by atheist humanists guided by the sort of depraved reasoning espoused by our secular humanist proves this truth beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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