Darwinism: Why it's about Posturing, Salesmanship, Stonewalling, and Bullying

In a paper entitled, "The genetics of politics: discovery, challenges, and progress," political scientist Peter K. Hatemi notes that in the past social scientists assumed that political preferences were determined by social and environmental factors. Recent studies however, "....suggest that genes also strongly influence political traits. Twin studies show that genes have some influence on why people differ on political issues such as the death penalty, unemployment and abortion. Because this field of research is relatively new, only a handful of genes have been implicated in political ideology and partisanship, voter turnout, and political violence."

url: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0168952512001114

Hatemi is a determinist. Determinists analyze and explain their fellow human beings in terms of the matter inside and outside their brains, or grey-matter. While the ‘spiritual’ Left are pantheists, all who adhere to materialist doctrines such as Hatemi, are ‘new’ pagans after the fashion of the Greek nature philosopher Epicurus who taught that all that exists are atoms in motion, hence everything of the unseen dimension such as souls and spirits do not exist.

Common to both views is the idea that all that exists is nature--matter spontaneously generated from nothing. Since this view denies the existence of the living God Who exists outside of nature (the space/time dimension), it also denies that man is God's spiritual image bearer. Hence naturalism utterly rejects the vitally important spiritual foundations of the West and America which for fifteen hundred years had followed St. Augustine (AD 354-430) in affirming that as all men are the spiritual image-bearers of the transcendent Triune God then it logically follows that each person is a trinity of being — of soul, spirit (mind, will, conscience), and body:

"The essence of the human is not the body, but the soul. It is the soul alone that God made in his own image and the soul that he loves....For the sake of the soul...the Son of God came into the world...." (Incomplete Work on Matthew, Homily 25, Ancient Christian Devotional, Oden and Crosby, p. 153)

As God's spiritual image-bearer man is endowed with will, meaning he can choose one thing or another thing. If this was not the case there would be no atheists, Marxists, secular humanists and progressive liberals. Just as man can choose to be a pro-life conservative he can choose to be a pro-death liberal. This is self-determination.

When it comes to the origin of life on this earth and whether human life is self-determined or determined, only two possibilities exist:

"Creation or spontaneous generation. There is no third way. Spontaneous generation was disproved 100 years ago, but that leads us only to one other conclusion: that of supernatural creation. We cannot accept that on philosophical grounds, therefore we choose to believe the impossible: that life arose spontaneously by chance." George Wald, Nobel Prize for Medicine, 1967

Spontaneously generated matter does not think, cannot speak and is not free to choose to be other than it is. Rain falls, wind blows, animals mate during breeding season and at no other time, dung beetles tend their dung piles and tornados and hurricanes are forces of nature that mindlessly destroy everything in their path.

If man is matter in motion as Hatemi believes, then it stands to reason that like wind, rain, and dung-beetles man cannot choose to be other than a fully caused and determined part of nature. For Hatemi, natural selection, social, environmental, and genetic factors are material forces of nature that determine everything about you, such as whether you support abortion or not as well as, "political ideology and partisanship, voter turnout, and political violence."

When materialist determinists like ‘cognitive’ scientist Daniel Dennett teach that there is no you, that man has no soul and spirit (mind, will, conscience) he is really saying that since everything living and nonliving consists of matter in motion, then when you think you’re thinking you are really experiencing an illusion caused by movement of chemicals (matter) and firing of synapses (matter) in grey matter.

Whether materialist or pantheist, both views deny self-determination, meaning you have no capacity whatsoever to choose to support abortion or not support it. If whether you are conservative or liberal is determined by material forces then belief in the living, personal God of Revelation, atheism and "gayness" (i.e., sodomy, lesbianism, bestiality, etc) are as well.

All forms of determinism rise or fall on the veracity of spontaneous generation, Darwinism and natural selection. This being the case, the Altenburg symposium should be of great interest to truth seekers.

In July 2008, sixteen evolutionary scientists came together at an invitation-only symposium in Altenburg, Austria to discuss their concerns with the theory of evolution which most practicing biologists accept and which is taught in classrooms today and widely accepted by progressive liberals, secular humanists, Marxists, transhumanists, secular politicians, academicians, seminarians, and theologians.

The Altenburg symposium is the centerpiece of evolutionist Suzan Mazur's book, "The Altenberg 16: An Exposé of the Evolution Industry" Mazur's book also looks at the rivalry in science today surrounding attempts to discover “the elusive process of evolution.” (Desperate attempts to discover ‘the elusive process of evolution,’ reviewed by Walter J. ReMine, Creation Ministries International)

Mazur's book openly acknowledges the problems surrounding evolution and natural selection (determinism) and documents these concerns with statements from leading evolutionary scientists:

“A wave of scientists now questions natural selection’s role, though fewer will publicly admit it” (p. 20).

“Evolutionary science is as much about the posturing, salesmanship, stonewalling and bullying that goes on as it is about actual scientific theory. It is a social discourse involving hypotheses of staggering complexity with scientists, recipients of the biggest grants of any intellectuals, assuming the power of politicians while engaged in Animal House pie-throwing and name-calling: ‘ham-fisted’, ‘looney Marxist hangover’, ‘secular creationist’, ‘philosopher’ (a scientist who can’t get grants anymore), ‘quack’, ‘crackpot’ … "

"In short, it’s a modern day quest for the holy grail, but with few knights. At a time that calls for scientific vision, scientific inquiry’s been hijacked by an industry of greed, with evolution books hyped like snake oil at a carnival."

“Perhaps the most egregious display of commercial dishonesty is this year’s celebration of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species—the so-called theory of evolution by natural selection, i.e., survival of the fittest, a brand foisted on us 150 years ago."

“Scientists agree that natural selection can occur. But the scientific community also knows that natural selection has little to do with long-term changes in populations.” (p. v)

"Basically I don’t think anybody knows how evolution works.” (Jerry Fodor, p. 34).

Mazur not only calls attention to the existing censorship against non-Darwinian ideas but tells us why it happens:

"The commercial media is both ignorant of and blocks coverage of stories about non-centrality of the gene because its science advertising dollars come from the gene-centered Darwin industry. … . At the same time, the Darwin industry is also in bed with government, even as political leaders remain clueless about evolution. Thus, the public is unaware that its dollars are being squandered on funding of mediocre, middlebrow science or that its children are being intellectually starved as a result of outdated texts and unenlightened teachers” (Mazur, p. ix).

“The mainstream media has failed to cover the non-centrality of the gene story to any extent. … this has to do largely with Darwin-based industry advertising, editors not doing their homework and others just trying to hold on to their jobs” (Mazur, p. 104).

“The thinking is we can no longer pretend evolution is just about Darwinian natural selection even if that’s what most biologists say it’s about and textbooks repeat it” (Mazur, p. 105).

“The consensus of the evolution pack still seems to be that if an idea doesn’t fit in with Darwinism and neo-Darwinism—keep it out” (Mazur, p. viii).

“Unless the discourse around evolution is opened up to scientific perspectives beyond Darwinism, the education of generations to come is at risk of being sacrificed for the benefit of a dying theory” (Stuart Newman, p. 104).

Like it's ideological 'new' pagan parent Marxist Communism, Progressive liberalism and/or Leftism rises or falls on the veracity of determinism, naturalism and spontaneous generation, an offshoot of specifically Darwinist thought accepted unreservedly by all materialists and Marxists in particular as their dialectic requires a strictly materialist explanation for the origin of life from dead matter. In the words of M.A. Leonov:

"Marxist philosophical materialism remains beyond all doubt that at some time or other in the remote past, life must have arisen from non-living matter." (Outline of Dialectical Materialism, 1948, p. 494)

According to Gustav Wetter, spontaneously generated matter not only thinks but is divine:

"...matter itself continually attains to higher perfection under its own power, thanks to indwelling dialectic...the dialectical materialists attribution of 'dialectic' to matter confers on it, not mental attributes only, but even divine ones." (Dialectical Materialism, Gustav A. Wetter, 1977, p. 58)

In "Socialism and Religious Beliefs," Enrico Ferri (1856-1926), a prominent socialist of his day and editor of Avanti, a socialist daily, confesses that Darwinism is fundamental to socialism and further reveals that natural causality or determining forces substitute for miracles and divinity:

"....modern positive science...has substituted the conception of natural causality for the conception of miracles and divinity....I add that not only is Darwinism not contrary to socialism, but that it forms one of its fundamental scientific premises. As Virchow justly remarked, socialism is nothing else than the logical and vital outcome partly of Darwinism and partly of Spencerian evolution."


Self-determination is as obvious as the sun coming up in the morning. And since all men really are capable of self-determination then man really is God's spiritual image bearer, heaven and hell exist and ‘gays’ can choose not to act on their impulses. Thus the whole ‘gay’ rights ‘gay’ marriage issue falls apart and like tumbling dominos takes with it the Darwin industry and all of progressive liberalism’s privileged ‘victims’ rights groups, socialist fantasies, Marxist-based political correctness, hate crime laws, speech codes, global change baloney, and by extension, progressive liberalism's entire house of cards. And now we know why Darwinism "is as much about the posturing, salesmanship, stonewalling and bullying that goes on as it is about actual scientific theory."

@Linda Kimball