The Green Menace of 2013 The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is slated to unleash a host of new regulations next year—a green menace that will hinder economic growth but do little to provide tangible environmental benefits. Even if Obama leaves the White House in January, the new administration “will have their hands full just reining in the EPA—an essential step in restoring economic growth,” according to S. Fred Singer, an atmospheric physicist and research fellow at the Independent Institute.

In a piece for American Thinker, Singer discusses more than a dozen kinds of environmental regulations in the planning stages, including greenhouse gas restrictions on more than 37,000 farms and ranches (at an average annual cost of $23,000 per permit), new ozone standards that could threaten plant closures in 650 counties, and costly new standards for the sulfur content of gasoline that, Singer writes, “could add up to 9 cents per gallon in manufacturing costs.”

Singer also touches on impending green regs related to farm dust, hydraulic fracturing, water guidance, storm water, boiler and cement technology, coal ash, and spill prevention on farms and ranches. “This lengthy catalog of EPA horrors does not include schemes being hatched but not yet disclosed,” Singer continues. “Nor does it include initiatives by ‘junior EPAs’—such as the cap-and-trade plan by CARB (Calif. Air Resources Board).”

Obama’s EPA Plans for 2013, by S. Fred Singer (American Thinker, 10/25/12)

Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming’s Unfinished Debate, by S. Fred Singer