Election 2012: Americans Choose Pride of Eyes, Flesh, and Life

The United Kingdom's Telegraph summarized the presidential election this way: "America goes liberal with gay marriage, abortion and cannabis votes."


Liberalism is the default position of self-centered children said Reb Bradley, author of "Born Liberal Raised Right." Bradley notes:

"Sexually, today's America is "a nation ruled by its passions." "Heinous acts of casual disregard for life, unheard of fifty years ago, have become a familiar item on the evening news; students killing classmates, children murdering their playmates....these gruesome crimes are merely symptomatic of a breakdown of moral fiber..." (ibid, pp. 2-3)

In this light it can be seen that spiritually sick self-centered human beings infected by pride, carnal desires, and lust for earthly power re-elected Obama out of fear that if conservatives triumphed they would take away their power (i.e., abortion---the power to decide who may live or not) and all of their self-indulgent pleasures such as the blatantly occult-pagan Burning Man Festival and Southern Decadence Festival.

The Southern Decadence Festival is one of our nation's most notorious celebrations of sodomy, public sex acts, prostitution, drunkenness, and worse, but is by no means the only such festival. According to this year's Autumn Gay Pride Calendar, decadence festivals are held in most American states as well as throughout Western Europe, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Belarus, Ireland, Japan, Scotland, China, S. Africa, India and Taipei.

(source: http://gaytravel.about.com/od/gaypridecalendars/qt/September_Pride.htm )

Over and against the euphoria of Obamas' impassioned "liberalized" electorate one disillusioned Free Republic conservative summarized last night's election results like this,

"The moral majority is now the moral minority. Welcome to Sodom. Soon we won’t just be ignored, we’ll be despised."

In other words the Christian religion was,

"...the religion of our country (from which) are derived our prevalent notions of the character of God, the great moral governor of the universe. On its doctrines are founded the peculiarities of our free institutions." (William McGuffey, d. May 4, 1873, professor at the University of Virginia, president of Ohio University, and author of McGuffey's Readers)

But last night's election declares the triumph of America's amoral majority, hence the death of the decent, God-fearing, family loving America poignantly captured on canvas by Norman Rockwell. In its place is the fallen Sodom typified by ancient Carthage, an spiritually dark, obscenely libidinous freak-show:

"I came to Carthage, and all around me in my ears were the sizzling and frying of unholy loves..." (St. Augustine, 354 AD, The Confessions of St Augustine)

Whereas ancient Carthage was a self-idolizing, devil-worshipping, porn-fueled, sexually obsessed, almost anything goes society characterized by rampant sexually transmitted diseases, jealousy, suspicion, paranoia, hate, mental illness, sexual sadism, and rampant murder and crime, so too is fallen America.

In contemporary terms, idolization of self is narcissism:

"...the United States is currently suffering from an epidemic of narcissism," insist Jean M. Twenge, Ph.D., and W. Keith Campbell, Ph.D., in The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement." "American culture's focus on self-admiration has caused a flight from reality to the land of grandiose fantasy." (How Evil Works, David Kupelian, p. 80)

"The evidence Twenge and Campbell have compiled is compelling and appalling," summarizes Holly Brubach in the New York Times. "Never mind the (narcissistic) celebrities; their arrogance is equaled if not surpassed by the grandiosity of so-called average Americans." (ibid, p. 81)

Scripture does not speak of narcissism but of pride which it equates with idolatry and covetousness (lust), and in 1 John 2:16 breaks it down into three main categories-- pride of life, of flesh, and of eyes:

"For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world." KJ

In "Against the Heathen," early Church Father Athanasius reveals that sickness of pride and spiritual haughtiness preceded man's fall into idolatry of self, covetousness and paganism. A haughty, derisive, scornful, scoffing spirit led them to make light of the higher things of the true, living God, and deliberately disregarding what they knew to be true they began to seek in preference things in the lower or natural dimension. Thus they fell into worship of self---pride of eyes, of flesh, of life.

1. Pride and/or lust of flesh commonly denotes covetousness in connection with libidinous passions that indulge and pamper appetites (i.e., pornography, Playboy, Decadence Festivals) connected with animal propensities. This is the lowest most depraved form of worldly indulgence. Satan tried this temptation on Christ, "Command this stone that it be made bread." Through lust of flesh the body is dishonored and the soul eventually destroyed.

2. Pride of eyes denotes covetousness connected to the desire to possess and/or collect material things such as ostentatious jewelry, bling, designer-label fashions and shoes, the latest technology, splendid houses, the best furniture and cars, and decorations of all sorts. It also speaks of eyes full of envy and lascivious looks and invitations to adultery (Matthew 5:28) as well as eyes tempted to perverse curiosity of seeing debauched sights and shows (Ecclesiastes 1:8).

All of these things are ultimately meaningless, frivolous vanities of this world in which the eye delights instead of in the living, triune God and where there is no higher purpose of life. Satan tried this temptation on Christ when he showed Him the kingdoms of the world in hope that in spiritual pride of possession Christ would fall.

3. Pride of life denotes covetousness connected to ambition. The compelling ambition may be to attain high honours, chief offices, high titles, pomp and circumstance, swagger, a grand style of living and/or to be most liked and popular. In short, pride of life means covetousness of all that is worth boasting of thus it is an insolent and vain assurance in one's own resources residing in the foolish idea of the stability of earthly things and worldly knowledge when in reality the world and all in it is passing away. Satan tried this temptation on Jesus Christ by setting Him atop the temple pinnacle so that in spiritual pride and ambition He would fall. Fundamentally, pride of life is contempt of divine laws.

Idolization of self (pride) is not of the true, living God but of this world of evil and suffering, hence it always goes before destruction the same as "a haughty spirit before a fall." (Proverbs 16:18)

Idolization of self is evil, and the truth as to evil said Athanasius,

"....is that it originates, and resides, in the perverted choice of the darkened soul" which, "materialized by forgetting God" and engrossed in lower things, "makes them into gods," and thereby "descends into a hopeless depth of delusion and superstition," whereby "they ceased to think that anything existed beyond what is seen, or that anything was good save things temporal and bodily; so turning away and forgetting that she was in the image of the good God, she no longer... sees God the Word after whose likeness she is made; but having departed from herself, imagines and feigns what is not (and then) advancing further in evil, they came to celebrate as gods the elements and the principles of which bodies are composed...." (Against the Heathen, New Advent)

And finally, it needs to be seen that by voting yesterday for the 'lesser of two evils' conservatives and Christians were attempting to save and hopefully redeem America through their own power, resources and assurances.

But in voting for the lesser of two evils, they used the same rationalization that underlies and enables most other evils in the first place — the belief that the "end justifies the means." Such misguided reasoning justifies doing something wrong if it promises to achieve something "right" a logical fallacy that's sinful in the sight of God and which if allowed to go forward unleashes unimaginable mischief and mayhem.

What kind of mischief and mayhem?

For starters, Romney's own wife has described him as having a truth problem, amply demonstrated by his actions. For example, whereas Romney has said he is for traditional marriage, as governor of Massachusetts he implemented the nation's first homosexual marriage bill, ordered civil justices to marry "gays," and thereby "re-defined marriage." Despite posturing himself as conservative not only has Mitt gone on record as describing himself as a progressive (socialist) but as more "pro-gay" than Obama. Additionally, the hated Obama-care is based on Romney's "Romney-care."

In his article "Romney's Russian connection a deal breaker for serious conservatives" research journalist Cliff Kinkaid describes Romney as the father of gay marriage whose ambition is to become president by getting conservative votes. (Renew America, November 3, 2012)

In other words, Romney pretends to stand for what he does not stand for and upon ascension to power he will betray conservatives.

In this light, Romney's loss is a 'save,' meaning that had Romney won conservatives and Christians who voted for him would definitely have been betrayed after a blissful but brief honeymoon, and having enabled him to unleash unimaginable mischief and mayhem be guilty of allowing the lie to triumph. Though we may not see it, an opportunity has been offered to repent and,

"... resolve to live your life with integrity. Let your credo be this: Let the lie come into the world, let it even triumph. But not through me." (Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

Our hopes are in the higher things of the living God. This world of evil and suffering is passing away. It is not our home:

"God promises that the glory of his people will demand a glorious creation to live in....when God makes all things new, he makes us new spiritually...morally (and) physically; and then he makes the whole creation new so that our environment fits our perfected spirits and bodies." (John Piper, "Behold, I Make All Things New")

@Linda Kimball