Really Clever Americans Choose to Stick with Stinking Status Quo they Whined About

Investor's Business DailyAndrew Malcolm

Well, American voters have made their 2012 presidential choice, and now they get to live with it.

On Nov. 6, the same day that saw the election of Abraham Lincoln and reelection of Ronald Reagan, they opted to reelect Barack Obama, the first time since the Founding Fathers that the country has awarded two terms to three consecutive presidents.

Two-thirds of Americans have consistently said the country is on the wrong track. So, naturally they opted to stick with a stinking status quo they've whined about for years now.

Unable to face the fact they made a colossal mistake in 2008, sufficient Americans voted to keep a president who broke more promises than he kept, who set historic new debt limits, created four consecutive trillion-dollar budget deficits, failed to achieve his own employment goals and accepted responsibility for nothing, except what SEAL Team 6 did for us.

"The best is yet to come," the chronic deficit spender vowed ominously.

Congress has enjoyed record low job approval ratings in recent years, So, unhappy American voters naturally chose to leave both chambers in the same inept hands: Democrats keep control of a Senate that's proudly broken its own laws three straight years by failing to pass a federal budget and cripples itself with archaic rules that make nursing home TV rooms look like Zumba workouts.

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