America is far from lost, but what about the GOP?

Alan KeyesRenew America

Romney/Ryan lost. The GOP held on to the U.S. House of Representatives. But the Democrats held on to their majority in the U.S. Senate. They did so thanks, in no small part, to the politically murderous treachery of the GOP wing of the elitist faction, orchestrated by Karl Rove and quietly approved by GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

Though Romney is without doubt a faux conservative, I'm sure the elitist faction media claque will try to pretend that his defeat was somehow a repudiation of the conservative views he steadfastly refused to represent during both his government career and his campaign. As for conservatives, including those struck mad with terror at the prospect of Obama's re-election, they find themselves exactly where I predicted we would all end up in any case. The only hope for thwarting the elitist faction's anti-American, anti-Constitution, leftist regressive agenda lies in the Congress of the United States, and in particular in the hands of the GOP majority in the House of Representatives. That majority has a conservative mandate to represent the many millions who accepted the GOP line that the 2012 election was an historic choice that would decide the fate of America's way of life.

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