Non-zombie Americans brace for Obama's 'flexibility'

Gina MillerRenew America

Back in March, we heard Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) tell Russian President Dmitry Medvedev,

"This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility."

At the time, news outlets reported this as if Obama did not realize he was being recorded, yet there were cameras and microphones all over the place recording every second. Obama had to know the world could hear his words, but I am certain he did not care. When I heard those words, I knew the fix was in, although I still hoped I would be wrong. Obama knew he would "win" the election. We have seen elections around the world where dictators routinely "win" reelection, and we shake our heads in wonder at such corrupt election systems. We wake up and find we have one, too.

No, I am not going to dwell on the unknown number of dead or otherwise illegal Obama voters or potential voting machine hacks or Barcelona vote-tally whackers, because it is futile. By hook and crook and a preponderance of moron votes, the communist, criminal fraud Barack Obama was reinstalled in our presidency, and we will never know how many fraudulent votes or altered vote counts contributed to his victory.

To the millions of morons who stupidly voted for this anti-American demoniac, ignorance is currently bliss, but for the sentient Americans who understand that our nation has been solidly taken over by evil enemies within, it is mourning in America. What we now face is Obama's promised "flexibility," with all the further America-killing, freedom-robbing, Constitution-burning wickedness it entails.

We now face the fact that we will not be able to kill "Obamacare." We face the fact that a corrupt, incompetent government, packed with affirmative action trolls, will now control our formerly private health care system — the same government that does so well running the United States Postal Service, Social Security and Medicare. Yeah, that government. We now face the ugly reality that we will be compelled to endure a socialist medical system, complete with treatment rationing, death panels for Grandma and forced taxpayer funding of pre-born baby killing. And, I know the morons do not understand this, but we now face massive tax hikes to fund the monstrous government takeover of our health care system, even though the high taxation and fees will not be enough to pay for it. Read More: