Analysis: How 'gay marriage' won in Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, and Washington

MassResistance On November 6, four states voted in favor of "gay marriage." Up until now, "gay marriage" had been defeated in 32 statewide elections. But this time in all four states the homosexual lobby won, though in all four the margins were slim:

The homosexual victories were won as follows: Maine: 53%-47% Maryland:52%-48% Washington: 52%-48% Minnesota: 51%-48% (1% were blanks - counted as "no" & added to 51%)

Maryland and Washington were both voting to overturn "gay marriage" laws recently passed by their state legislatures. Maine's legislature had passed a gay marriage law in 2009 which was overturned by statewide vote in November that year. The homosexual lobby re-introduced that referendum this year to reinstate the earlier law. Minnesota was voting on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, to protect against future actions by their legislature or courts.

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