Evangelical colleges paid to teach evolution

Russell GriggCreation Ministries International

Increasing numbers of evangelical colleges around the world are accepting large monetary ‘awards’ for running courses that promote evolutionary teaching and millions of years. It is not that evangelical colleges are being targeted specifically. The US$10,000 (Aus$18,000) award is available to any tertiary institution that will host an approved course. Half the money goes to the college and half to the lecturer who runs the course.

Institutions that have already run such courses include Bible College of New Zealand (BCNZ), Bible College of Queensland (BCQ), St Marks National Theological Centre in Canberra, Tabor College in Adelaide, Oxford University in the UK, and Yeshiva (Jewish) University in New York. They have all received funding from the John Templeton Foundation in the USA to run courses on the relationship between science and religion.1

This funding is usually via or in conjunction with another body such as the American Scientific Affiliation or the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley, USA, whose Science and Religion Course Program originated from and is funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Read More: http://creation.com/evangelical-colleges-paid-to-teach-evolution