Communism: Satan's Hell on Earth

On election day the scales decidedly tipped in favor of evil when millions of foolish Americans, including millions of starstruck Christians, re-elected Obama, thereby empowering the atheist Liberal and Communist forces of spiritual darkness which during the 20th century eventuated in catastrophic destruction and the deaths of millions of men, women, and children after Communists seized control of Russia and other societies. For over eighty years conservatives have been battling the forces of totalitarianism, but with Obama’s re-election a tyranny of evil is settling itself over our land like an immense black wing.

By any name, Communism is a neo-pagan ideology that casts aside the fundamental premise contained in our Constitution.....that our rights of life and liberty (but not happiness, which is a humanist concept) are unalienable, meaning they come from the supernatural God Who exists outside of the time-space dimension; that these rights are individual and tied to personal responsibilities, and that the government does not have the power or authority to remove these rights, for which reason government must acquire them through stealth tactics.

Communism considers the individual person simply as a dehumanized, androgynous (he-she) element, a molecule within the social organism, so that the good of the individual is completely subordinated to the functioning of the all powerful god-State or socio-economic anthill.

Rights and privileges are granted by the god-State to tribes, zoological species and/or groups and are always subject to change. The individual exists as a molecule of his assigned group or tribe determined for example by gender and color.

Political affiliation through one's group is required and only one politically correct view is “lawful” and "good" (i.e., progressive, communist, Darwinian)as opposed to politically incorrect or unlawful, evil views, i.e., conservative, Christian, creationist.

Since individuals no longer exist, individual personal property is confiscated and someone in the god-State decides which tribe, species or group is privileged to have use of State owned property. Privileges of course can be withdrawn at any time.

Effectively, you are the property of the god-State, meaning you are its' slave, totally dependent on the god-State and its bureaucratic commissars for your very existence. Freedom of conscience, thought, speech, and religion and choices of everything from life and death decisions (who may live, who must die) to how many children you may have and what kind of food and how much of it you may have to health-care, housing, schools, transportation .. all is decided by the god-State and administered through its' tentacles---local bureaucrats, or commissars.

Communism claims this is social, economic, gender and environmental justice, but as it is controlled by egoists whose delusional self-conception is of god-like moral purity and administered by legions of terroristic beastly commissars, Communism always ends in macro-social evil---genocide, slavery, and concentration camps.

In the last century, Communists slaughtered between 100,000,000-200,000,000 men, women, and children for a wide range of personal reasons. For instance, maybe a commissar doesn't like the way you look. Or maybe he covets your house. Perhaps it's the 'look' on your face that angered him. And just maybe its' the abominable appetite he has for your wife, sister, or children.

Communism is a terrifying criminal enterprise comprised of two circles. The smallest inner circle consists of Caligulas---paranoid maniacs and conscienceless psychopaths. The larger outer circle mainly consists of spiritually sick, morally immature individuals---rebels against all authority, bitter, resentful, angry at the world, desirous of outlets for the venting of rage.

For all of these reasons, the coarse writings, boorish TV shows and movies, the tacky, meaningless art, crude music, violence-filled video games, vulgar rants and churlish speeches of atheist liberals, Communists, etc. are laced with obscenity, bitterness, barely concealed hate, contempt, and hostility. In all of this we get a glimpse of what Satan’s “heaven on earth” has in store for mankind.

But when Communists finally achieve absolute power as they did during the 20th century, Satan's heaven on earth becomes real. In his "Philosophical Dialogues," Ernest Renan writes that the surest way to guarantee oneself absolute power in an atheist society is not to threaten people with Hell after they die but to institute a real hell, a concentration camp to punish and torment insurgents and to terrorize all others with a special police force made up of beings devoid of conscience and entirely devoted to the government in power,

"...obedient machines, unencumbered by moral scruples and prepared for every sort of cruelty." (The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression, p. 755)

For more than fifty years America's atheist humanist ruling class have been fostering hate, bitterness, and envy together with the acceptance of pornography, atheism, filth as art, lying as personal opinion, sodomy, bestiality, lesbianism, incest, pedophilia and pederasty as valid alternative lifestyles and death as preferable to life in order to raise up conscienceless machines obedient to the god-State.

In 2007 I penned an expose of Marxist Communism and it’s massively evil culture of death and destruction of the human spirit because we desperately need to understand the enemy- their goals, code-words, tactics, targeted psychological manipulations, strategies and what they are doing to children---with full malice aforethought.

With the re-election of Obama our need to understand the enemy and to protect our children is right now, not tomorrow, but right now. Cultural Marxism can be read here:

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