Churches Thwart Nativity Ban in Santa Monica, CA

CBSLA.comSerene Branson

Churches have found a way to keep the decades-old Christmas nativity display alive in Santa Monica following a controversial ban on having the scenes in a public park.

Pastor Keith Magee of Trinity Baptist Church is just one of the organizations Monday night who found a loophole in the ban by putting on a live, temporary nativity scene. Volunteers were on hand to play the roles of Joseph and Mary, among other biblical figures.

“We want to have a positive effect here in the community, because the nativity scenes have been a positive thing for the whole community, anyway, and we want to keep it that way,” Magee said.

This year’s nativity at Palisades Park is allowed because it’s not a permanent display, which is what was banned by the city council.

Each night, a different church will organize a living nativity scene until Dec. 23.

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