Huge "gay" lawsuit vs pro-family pastor in Federal Court this Monday!

MassResistance 1. Soros-funded group suing Pastor Scott Lively for "crimes against humanity" in Federal Court. Punishing him for Christian, pro-family position on homosexuality. Oral arguments begin Monday morning!

2. Homosexual groups organizing to "pack the courtroom" at Monday's Federal Court hearing. Followed by rally and press conference. We need YOU to come, too, to show pro-family support.

3. Lively receives death threat, harassment, intimidation from homosexual activists as court date nears.

Pastor Scott Lively, a well-known pro-family writer and speaker who also runs Redemption Gate Ministry and the Holy Grounds Coffee House in Springfield, Mass., is being sued by a George Soros-funded New York-based pro-homosexual "civil rights" group for so-called "crimes against humanity" which they claim include his alleged inciting of murder, torture, and other crimes in Uganda!

Angry at Pastor Lively's visits to Uganda

The lawsuit is not based on any actions by Lively himself, but simply his pro-family oriented meetings and conversations he had with church leaders and public officials on pro-family issues during trips to Uganda in 2009.

Homosexual activists are making the outlandish claim that his conversations and speeches caused the Uganda Parliament to introduce a harsh anti-homosexuality bill. Though the bill was never passed, they claim that its introduction led to attacks on the homosexual community in Uganda. Thus, they are suing Lively in the U.S. for these alleged (and often disputed) attacks in Uganda by others!

Moreover, all of Lively's actions and speech were (and still are) completely legal both in Uganda and in the United States. And Lively has not been charged with any crime in either country.

Lawsuit: Pro-family speech = "Crimes against humanity"!

Nevertheless, on March 14, 2012, the Soros-funded "Center for Constitutional Rights" (CCR) filed the 47-page lawsuit in Federal District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts against Pastor Scott Lively. CCR filed the suit on behalf of a fringe homosexual group in Uganda, "Sexual Minorities Uganda" (SMUG). Then on July 13, 2012, they re-filed it as a 61-page amended complaint.

Based simply on Pastor Lively's pro-family speeches and conversations in 2009, they are charging Pastor Lively with "violating the law of nations" and "crimes against humanity" as well as conspiracy and various "civil rights" crimes. Thus, they are using a US court to attempt to prosecute him for alleged "anti-gay" crimes unconnected to him, which took place overseas in Uganda by people he never met or spoke to.

The suit is asking for compensatory damages, punitive damages, exemplary damages, attorneys' fees, and a "declaratory judgment that the Defendant's conduct is in violation of the law of nations" as well as "all such other and further relief that the court may deem just and proper."

In addition, CCR is asking the court:

For injunctive relief enjoining the Defendant from undertaking further actions, and from plotting and conspiring with others, to persecute Plaintiff and the LGBTI community in Uganda on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity, and strip away and/or severely deprive Plaintiff and LGBTI community in Uganda of fundamental rights, including the rights to freedom of expression, association and assembly, to be free from torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment, and arbitrary arrest and detention . . .

Scott Lively's legal team -- Liberty Counsel

Scott is being represented pro bono by the pro-family legal group Liberty Counsel, based in Florida. His Liberty Counsel legal team includes attorneys Horatio Mihet and Steve Crampton, with help from Michael DePrimo. His Massachusetts-based lawyer is Philip Moran.