Mind Controlled Robots: A Brief Timeline of Mind Control in America

Though Susan Mazur is an evolutionist, she nevertheless acknowledges the unresolvable problems surrounding evolution and natural selection in her book, “The Altenberg 16: An Expose of the Evolution Industry.” Mazur writes that though a new wave of scientists are questioning the role of genes and natural selection the fact that the Darwin industry is "in bed with government" causes them to say nothing in public. Mazur comments: “The commercial media is both ignorant of and blocks coverage of stories about non-centrality of the gene because its science advertising dollars come from the gene-centered Darwin industry. At the same time, the Darwin industry is also in bed with government, even as political leaders remain clueless about evolution. Thus, the public is unaware that its dollars are being squandered on funding of mediocre, middlebrow science or that its children are being intellectually starved as a result of outdated texts and unenlightened teachers.” (“Desperate attempts to discover ‘the elusive process of evolution,’ reviewed by Walter J. ReMine, Creation Ministries International, pp. ix, 20)

Lower level evolutionary humanists and powerful 'elite' global socialist Utopians have made a faith out of evolution for two overriding reasons. First, because they do not want the supernatural Creator, Original Sin together with free will, immutable truth, moral absolutes, heaven, and hell to exist:

"The leading principle of Utopian religion is the repudiation of the doctrine of Original Sin." H.G. Wells, A Modern Utopia, 1905

Thus they seek to replace supernaturalism with neo-pagan naturalism which leads to the replacement of the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo with naturalistic evolutionary cosmogonies; immutable truth and moral absolutes with moral relativism; life with death; Biblical sexual ethics with hedonism, sodomy, decadence; the traditional family with alternative families; private property with communalism; and God-given individual rights with group privileges granted by Big Brother.

Darwinism has done all of this. It has destroyed the foundations of supernatural Christianity and man’s soul/spirit:

“Darwinism came at the desired time; Darwin’s theory that man is the descendant of a lower animal destroyed the entire foundation of Christian dogma.” (Anton Pannekoek, “Marxism and Darwinism,” translated by Nathan Weiser. Transcribed for the Internet by Jon Muller, Chicago, Charles H. Kerr & Company Co-operative Copyright, 1912 by Charles H. Kerr & Company)

The second reason may be described as an "elitist" tendency. Like Darwin, enormously self-centered 'elite' Western socialists are fueled by a strong desire to see themselves as 'better' than other people, thus Darwin's idea that if man came from apes then he can be treated like an ape is immensely gratifying to 'elite' egos. Apes can be experimented on, vivisected, tortured, sterilized involuntarily and made subject to infanticide, euthanasia, and mind control.

On Friday, May 6, 1966 Rev. Richard Wurmbrand presented his testimony regarding Communist exploitation of Christianity, mind control experiments and physical torture before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws, of the Committee on the Judiciary, Washington, D.C. Also present were Senator Thomas J. Dodd presiding, Jay G. Sourwine, chief counsel; Benjamin Mandel, director of research; Frank W. Schroeder, chief investigator; and Robert C. McManus, investigations analyst.

Christians were psychologically and physically tortured in ways that mocked their faith said Wurmbrand. In the first of two shockingly evil examples, Wurmbrand describes how a young Christian was tied to a cross:

"Twice a day the cross was put on the floor and 100 other cell inmates by beating, by tortures, were obliged to fulfill their necessities upon his face and upon his body. Then the cross was erected again and the Communists swearing and mocking "Look your Christ, look your Christ, how beautiful he is, adore him, kneel before him, how fine he smells, your Christ." (Communist Exploitation of Religion, Congressional Testimony of Rev. Richard Wurmbrand)

In the second example Wurmbrand testifies that after being beaten a Catholic priest was given a plate of excrement and one of urine and then obliged,

"...to say the holy mass upon these elements, and he did it. And I asked him afterward, 'Father, but how could you make this?' He was half mad. He answered to me: 'Brother, I have suffered more than Christ. Don't reproach to me what I have done.' And the other prisoners beaten to take holy communion in this form, and the Communists around, 'Look, your sacraments, look, your church, what a holy church you have, what fine is your church, what holy ordinance God has given you." (ibid)

But these tortures were as nothing in comparison with brainwashing, said Wurmbrand. They put psychotropic drugs "in our food" to completely break the "power of will" in order to produce "delirium of self-accusation" and to brainwash Christians. In this drug-induced state suggestions were implanted within Christian minds:

"communism is good," but "Christianity is dead, Christianity is dead, Christianity is dead. Nobody more believes in Christ, nobody more believes in Christ, you are the only fools....Your children hate you. You have nobody to love in the world. You are the only fools. Give up faith. Nobody is more Christians. Christianity is dead." (ibid)

From the start of the satanic revolution against the supernatural God, 'elite' socialists have been in hot pursuit of mind, speech and behavior control techniques.

By 1928 they already formed an invisable controlling power. In his book, "Propaganda," (1928) Edward Bernays reveals their existence:

"Those who manipulate the organized habits and opinions of the masses constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of the country....The technical means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be regimented." (The Psychological Conditioning of Americans, Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D., NewsWithViews.com, October 29, 2012)

Psychological manipulation, or brainwashing, would be redefined as mental health and promoted by biological (naturalistic) psychiatry and the World Federation for Mental Health. But what is mental health, or more precisely, what is mental illness and what force causes it? Answer: Morality and belief in right and wrong, said psychiatrist G. Brock Chisholm. The Biblical concept of right and wrong produces perversions said Chisholm:

"We have swallowed all manner of poisonous certainties fed us by our parents...Sunday and day school teachers, our politicians, our priests, our newspapers...The results...are frustration, inferiority, neurosis and inability to enjoy living...If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility." (The Underground History of American Education, John Taylor Gatto, p 282)

In 1951, British philosopher Bertrand Russell, an 'elite' atheist with strong leanings toward neo-pagan materialism, wrote that art of manipulating the minds of the masses would be diligently studied. In his book, "The Impact of Science On Society" (1951) he wrote:

"Although this science of mass psychology will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions are generated." (ibid, Cuddy)

In the early 50's, early conservative intellectual Anthony Harrigan lashed out at our amoral ruling elite who were purposely demoralizing Americans in preparation for the acceptance of Communism. Toward this end they are forcing the acceptance of meaningless, ugly 'art,' abnormalcy (i.e., sodomy), and pornography intentionally mislabeled as,

"....medical science, filth as artistic realism, and abnormality as a mere difference of opinion...Americans are in the hands of a cultural ruling class which...is conducting us to ruin." (The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America, George H. Nash, pp. 39-40)

The results of mass psychology soon became obvious. In "Mental Robots" (1957) Dr. Lewis A. Alesen, former president of the California Medical Association declared:

"Americans today are being deluged with...propaganda...under the disarmingly innocent title of 'The Mental Health Program.'...Its (robotry) objectives...the ultimate destruction of the human individual as a person; the eradication of all the traditions, ideals and moral concepts which he has learned from home, church, and school...and taught to deny and reject responsibility for himself, and to transfer that responsibility to the group, that is the state. The master plan...has been the result of...thousands of individuals...who have not had the time...or the ability to gain a perspective of the ultimate aims of the plan which they have actively aided in bringing to fruition. Summer sessions in group dynamics...under the direction of... a subdivision of the National Education Association, with...the fundamental objective to prepare those so trained in the subtle art of propagandizing without seeming to do so. Here among academic surroundings a carefully arranged schedule of indoctrination has been prepared by the National Education Association." (Cuddy)

By the late 1950s, the National Mental Health Institute began a program to have public schools administer Ritalin to children classified as "dull" or "emotionally disturbed."

In 1970 'elite' globalist Zbigniew Brzezinski commented on the increasing availability of psychotropic drugs as a means of mind control in his "Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Techtronic Era." Biochemical drugs make human beings, "increasingly manipulable and malleable."

Today said Dr. Bruce Shortt, prescribing behavior modifying substances is probably the largest,

“…uncontrolled drug experiment in the history of the world….drugs are being given to children…especially little boys.” Ritalin, Adderall, Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil and other psychotropic drugs are, “…being used to drug schoolchildren at rates that are difficult to comprehend…The Drug Enforcement Administration has estimated that 8 million children and adults were on Ritalin in 2000. Prescriptions for Ritalin increased by 700 percent from 1990 to 2001.” (“Drugging Them Up,” Ch. 2, IndoctriNation, pp. 41-42)

By 1966, Dr. James McConnell, a professor of psychology at the University of Michigan, was boasting of his ability to psychologically control and manipulate unsuspecting Americans:

"I teach a course called The Psychology of Influence, and I begin it by stating categorically that the time has come when, if you give me any normal human being and a couple of weeks,...I can change his behavior from what it is not to whatever you want it to be, if it's physically possible....I can turn him from a Christian into a communist and vice versa....Look, we can do these things. We can control behavior." (ibid)

Just five years later Milton Rokeach wrote in "Persuasion That Persists:"

"It now seems to be within man's power to alter experimentally another person's basic values, and to control the direction of the change." (Psychology Today, Sept. 1971)

In 1978 Martin Gross, author of "The Psychological Society" informed his readers that:

"Our schools are taking on the aura of a psychiatric clinic, without taxpayer consent....The school child is immersed in a psychological environment in which he is cajoled, invited, seduced, even bludgeoned into seeking counseling....Almost all the (school psychology) personnel are actually laymen. The entire practice of school psychology may be seen as an intrusion of bureaucracy into the family structure....By labeling it as 'counseling' instead of 'psychotherapy,' they may have invented a semantic subterfuge to circumvent the law....There is no real evidence that the anxieties, neuroses, or eventual psychosis rate of children is in any way reduced by school intervention. There is the equal possibility that the effort is actually a NEUROTIC STIMULUS. With our taxes, we are helping poorly trained specialists to tamper with the psyches of an already over psychologized generation." (ibid, Cuddy)

Many years later psychiatrist William Sargent identified some the principle techniques underlying mind control in his book, "Battle for the Mind: The Mechanics of Indoctrination, Brainwashing, and Thought Control." In addition to unlimited sex and drugs, Sargent indicates that if certain,

"underlying psychological principles are once understood, it should be possible to get at the person, converting and maintaining him in his new belief by a whole variety of imposed stresses that end by altering his brain function."

He further explained that the human brain,

"...is particularly sensitive to rhythmic stimulation by percussion and bright lights....Belief can be implanted in people after brain function has been sufficiently disturbed by...induced fear, anger or excitement. Of the results caused by such disturbances, the most common one is temporarily impaired judgment and heightened suggestibility." (ibid, Cuddy)

In other words, loud, rhythmic drumming and screaming electric guitars accompanied by flashing lights produces a trance-like state that impairs judgment and opens the mind to suggestions.

For more than seventy years Americans have been psychologically manipulated with the ultimate goal of causing a massive counter-conversion of souls from Jesus Christ to the satanic values espoused by our spiritually empty ruling class.

If Darwinism is true, then man is a soulless bag of chemicals or beast man equivalent to a rat, pig, or ape. But if man has no soul/spirit as our evil-minded ruling class want you to believe, then the idea of mind control would be absurd.

As spirit (mind, will, conscience) is the citadel of your soul, then mind control is really about possession of your soul. It is the control of one soul's mind, will, and conscience by another soul, an evil-minded one who desires to manipulate his/her control subject to do its' bidding.

Mind control is like hypnosis. The words, thoughts and desires of the psychological manipulator program the mind, will, and conscience of the person who has been mesmerized, or entranced. We may call this mental programming or brainwashing but it is really spiritual warfare with the goal of possession.

@Linda Kimball