"White Oppression" Part of America's Madness-Inducing Strain of Thinking

In "Public School Teaches 'White Privilege' Class" Fox news writer Todd Starnes reports that students at Delavan-Darien High School in Wisconsin are being taught "white guilt." One parent told Fox News: “They’re dividing the students. They’re saying to non-whites, ‘You have been oppressed and you’re still being oppressed.” The parent added that the students were taught “if you’re white, you’re oppressing. If you’re non white, you’ve been a victim.” (Public School Teaches “White Privilege” Class, Starnes, FoxNews.com)

Starnes writes that according to the hand-outs “white privilege” is defined as,

“...a set of advantages that are believed to be enjoyed by white people beyond those commonly experienced by non-white people in the same social, political, and economic spaces (nation, community, workplace, income, etc.”

Students were also told that people don’t have complete control over their fate said Starnes and added that Young America's Foundation staff member Brendan Pringle summarized the course as race-baiting:

“This course offers a snapshot of a larger trend that has plagued university curriculum for years and has only recent crept into high school classrooms,” he wrote in an essay. “Professors and teachers are increasingly telling white students that they are part of the problem of racism, and are telling black students that they are second-class citizens. This race-baiting technique is an attack on American values and can only breed bitterness and envy.” (ibid, Todd Starnes)

The "white guilt" idea is an offshoot of "identity politics" and "group solidarity." The parent of these three ideas is determinism. In its turn, the father of determinism is the Darwinian idea that man is not a person created in God's spiritual image, hence he has no soul/spirit (mind, will, conscience). Man is not a person but a machine, a soulless bag of chemicals or perhaps a soulless hominid whose identity is 'fully caused' and "determined" by genes. And if this is true, then no one has "complete control over their fate."

Determinism is a contemporary form of Karma and ancient pagan conceptions of predestined fate, thus mystical genes determine everything from thoughts, speech, behavior, choices, skin color, sexual and/or erotic preferences as well as spirituality:

“In the God Gene I propose that spirituality has a biological mechanism akin to birdsong, albeit a far more complex and nuanced one.” (Behavior geneticist Dean Hamer ,The Spiritual Brain, Beauregard, Ph.D., & O’Leary, p. 48)

Like the ancient Greek nature philosopher Epicurus, behavior geneticist Dean Hamer is a materialist. Materialism is the revitalized pagan seedbed from which grows determinism, identity politics, white guilt, the current definition of "biologically-caused" mental illness, and the rest of the madness being forced upon us by revolutionary socialists, fellow travelers and their mind-controlled puppets.

Materialism is a philosophy of natural and/or pagan monism that assumes that all that exists is one dimension, the natural dimension comprised of one substance (matter). Thus materialism seeks to explain all of reality, from the cosmos and subatomic quarks to the output of grey matter, behavior, society, and the existence of evil in terms of organic reality, that is, genes and chemicals.

Philosophical materialists do not think of man in spiritual terms of soul/spirit—conscience, higher mental abilities, free will, morality, character, and self-understanding but rather as soulless hominids—---depersonalized herd animals whose politically incorrect ‘bad thoughts,’ (i.e., gun ownership) ‘bad speech,’ and ‘bad behavior’ problems are genetic and chemical in origin. Though spirit (mind) supposedly does not exist, these biological ‘genetic’ and ‘chemical’ problems are nevertheless defined as ”mental illnesses” manageable with psychotropic drugs.

Materialism replaces truth and reality with superstitious madness. For example, if materialism is true then logically, "white oppression" is caused by evil genes, thoughts of "gun ownership" are caused by movement of chemicals in grey matter, sodomy is the result of a ‘gay’ gene and belief in God is an illusion caused by a “biological mechanism,” or bad ‘God’ gene.

In this light we can make sense of the frenzied fear of evolutionary-minded gun-controllers. If thoughts are illusions caused by movement of chemicals in grey matter and "white oppression" is fully caused and determined (predestined) by mystical evil genes, it stands to reason that guns in the hands of 'white-skinned' hominids who have no control over their fated behavior is a very dangerous proposition.

Just how dangerous to our sanity and survival are philosophical materialism and its primary doctrine Darwinism? In that for over eighty-five years our minds and our culture have been incrementally conquered by the same madness-inducing strain of thinking that earlier took over Russia, China, Germany, and Italy, and given that this madness-inducing strain of thinking (evolutionary materialism) has finally saturated our culture at every level of society, our danger is extreme and known to all survivers of 20th century Communism and National Socialism.

Courtois, Panne, Werth, Packowski, Bartosek, and Margolin, are the scholars who researched and wrote the "Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression," an 800-page compendium of the unspeakable crimes against humanity committed by Communist regimes worldwide. These scholars analyzed and recorded in ghastly, horrifying detail the facts and figures as well as the "strain of thinking" that enabled and justified these crimes.

In both Communist controlled Russia and National Socialist controlled Germany, a philosophically materialist evolutionary strain of thinking aptly described by the authors as "biological or zoological" justified the wholesale destruction of their respective Christian-based cultures as well as the slaughter of in excess of 170,000,000 men, women, and children on the grounds that they were not humans:

"Putting people to death required a certain amount of study....The most effective means was the denial of the victim's humanity through a process of dehumanization....The barbarian ritual of the purge, and the idea of the extermination machine in top gear are closely linked in the discourse and practice of persecution to the animalization of the Other, to the reduction of real or imaginary enemies to a zoological state." (Black Book, p. 749)

In Communist controlled Russia this madness-inducing strain of thinking took the form of "sociopolitical eugenics, a form of social Darwinism." In the words of Dominic Colas,

"As master of the knowledge of the evolution of social species, Lenin decided who should disappear by virtue of having been condemned to the dustbin of history." (Black Book, p. 750)

And what is Communism? Using the former Soviet Union as an example, early conservative intellectual Frank Meyers describes it as,

"The state form taken by a materialist faith determined to rule the world." Communism and/or scientific materialism is "the final synthesis of all heretical tendencies that have pervaded Western civilization for many centuries." (The Conservative Intellectual Movement, pp. 251-252)

Communism is the first form taken by a still evolving "new" religion of nature. Underlying it is materialist scientism, the biological and zoological strain of thinking that justifies the hubris of Promethean man:

".... who reaches out for the world and means to remake creation. It is scientism gone political." (ibid)

Remaking creation requires the re-engineering of man's soul in order that only one tenth, the 'new' aristocracy of god-men, receives liberty, prosperity, ease, comfort and unlimited rights over the "Other," the other nine-tenths who must,

“....lose their personality and become a kind of herd.” (Russkaia Misl, Nov. 17, 1983, cited in Marx & Satan, Richard Wurmbrand, p. 99)

Modern materialist regimes began by rejecting the living, supernatural God, denying objective standards of right and wrong and tossing out sanctity of life, thereby justifying the dehumanization and killing of millions of unwanted "Others." The end case in every instance, was to place absolute power over depersonalized hominids into the hands of psychopaths and tyrannical states to be wielded without restraint or mercy.

Of all religions, the materialist faith has been by far the bloodiest. In his book, Death by Government, R.J. Rummel comprehensively details the roughly 170 million plus people murdered by materialist governments during the 20th century.

Rummel records that from 1917 to its collapse in 1991, the Soviet Union liquidated about 62 million. During Mao Tse-tung's reign, 35,236,000 were murdered. Hitler's Nazi's killed 21 million.

Even at its mildest, as is thus far the case here in America, there is a steady level of confiscation, corruption, fraud, lying, power grabbing, human experimentation, and stifling of freedoms and free speech.

Because materialism is now the operative assumption for much of our government, culture, politics, and law, for the first time ever Americans are afraid of saying certain words. Parents fear disciplining their own children. More ominously, evolutionary materialists who control the levers of power in our cultural institutions have rejected God and thrown out both sanctity of life and objective standards, thereby allowing our evolutionary-minded 'ruling class' to view "We the people" as dehumanized herd animals who must not be allowed to own guns among other things. Totalitarianism and genocide loom just over our horizon.

As early as 1926, President Calvin Coolidge was aware of and deeply concerned by the insidious spread of scientific materialism in America. As he knew, Americans are free only because of the Biblical foundation laid by the country's founders. In a speech he delivered in Philadelphia (July 5, 1926) to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, Coolidge tried to call American's back to their Biblical heritage. He told Americans that the Declaration's principles of liberty arise because man is God's spiritual image-bearer to whom God has given inalienable rights. And these are found said Coolidge,

"....in the texts, the sermons, and the writings of the early colonial clergy..." The clergy preached equality "because they believed in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man." Sanctity of life, the right to self-defense, and all the rest of our individual liberties were justified "by the text that we are all created in the divine image, all partakers of the divine spirit." God's children therefore, have no "superiors;" there are no modern-day "divine rights kings" who possess "any right to rule...over them." (Back Fired, William Federer, pp. 269-271)

The Declaration continued Coolidge,

"(is) a great spiritual document." Its principles are not material but spiritual. "Equality, liberty, popular sovereignty, the rights of man---these are not elements we can see and touch. They are ideals (whose) source and roots (are) in religious convictions. They belong to the unseen world." (ibid)

The President cautioned Americans that,

"....unless the faith of the Americans in these religious convictions is to endure, the principles of our Declaration will perish. We can not continue to enjoy the result if we abandon the cause."

Coolidge ended his speech with a stark warning,

"We must not sink into a pagan materialism..." (ibid)

But we have done just what Coolidge warned us not to do, meaning that most of us, both Christian so-called and non-Christian, embrace Darwinism and approve both its' teaching to our children and its' presence in our seminaries and churches. So Hugh Elliot is justified in saying,

"An age of science is necessarily an age of materialism... Ours is a scientific age, and it may be said with truth that we are all materialists now." (Darwin Day in America, John G. West, xiv)

Except for an informed minority, the majority of materialized sleep-walking Americans apparently believe they can safely rely upon the largesse of our growing social welfare-state leviathan and its' legion of "scientific experts," and this in turn enables our Promethean ruling class to lead America over the Gadarene Cliff to its ruin.

@Linda Kimball