Tim Dunkin: Left-Wingers Are a Danger to Society

Recently, yet another one of those “studies” came out purporting to warn us against the “dangers” of the “far right” and their dastardly anti-government agenda. The study, put out by the Combating Terrorism Center at the US Military Academy at West Point, ostensibly cautions its readers – primarily in the military and law enforcement – against the threat of violence posed by “far right activists” and “anti-federalists” who believe in “limited government,” states’ rights, and other extremist positions that were held by America’s founding fathers. Supposedly, these “far right activists” are all sitting around in their basements, constantly plotting their next act of terrorist violence against the government of the United States and its agents. Apparently there are some within our government who, surprisingly enough, find ideas like smaller and limited government, respect for the 10th amendment, affirmation of our 2nd amendment gun rights, and so forth to be “threatening.” I suppose that if one were a fascist, one might tend toward taking that view.

Frankly, the release of this study is not surprising. Projection has often been a tool that the Left uses to deflect criticism away from itself and toward those it wishes to demonize. It seems like we only ever really hear about this sort of thing when Democrat administrations are in power, and sure enough, back when Clinton was in office, there were studies then, too, as well as larger amounts of media coverage, all designed to drum up fear about the “danger” of the “growing militia movement” in America. According to the Clinton Justice Department (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one), America was beset by crazy backwoods insurrectionists, dressed in camouflage and stockpiling “machine guns” to overthrow the government. Of course, it was all bunkum. To the extent that there is a “militia movement” in America, it is largely made up of people who want nothing more than to be left alone, rather than people engaged daily in plot after plot to wage war on their own government. So it is with this current study, which is also an exercise in deflection, designed to draw attention away from the subversive activities of our government by inventing supposed subversions intended by patriotic American citizens.

One must ask – if the “far right” is such a threat, then why is it that they never seem to actually do anything? If there really are thousands of “militia members” out there plotting to blow stuff up and assassinate government officials, you’d think there would be more actual, uh, activity on their part, wouldn’t you? Aside from the bombing of the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995, I would bet that the average person would be hard-pressed to name a single other terrorist incident in the USA that was committed by “right wingers.” While left-wing outlets like the Southern Poverty Law Center and Slate magazine breathlessly sound the alarm on all of this dangerous, incipient right-wing terrorism that is just days away from overturning our entire way of life, it all seems like so much smoke-and-mirrors designed to distract us from the real news, real concerns, and real threats to our country that come from the Left.

In the interest of setting the stage, historically, let’s look at the two incidents in recent history in which the federal government has acted against “far right activists” that it believed were threats – Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge, and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.

In both of these cases, we see that the situations were not escalated, or even caused, by the “right wingers.” In both cases, we see that the federal government basically caused the trouble. Federal agents used entrapment against Randy Weaver so that they could then file and press charges against him for violating federal gun laws (in that case, manufacturing a sawed-off shotgun). Then, instead of properly serving their warrants, they entered his land in force, shooting at his children, shooting his wife while she held their infant child, while failing to announce who they were and why they were there. In essence, the Ruby Ridge standoff was engineered by federal agents – whether purposefully or through simple negligence may never really be known.

At Waco, the federal government murdered dozens of American citizens, all on the basis of its belief that the Branch Davidians were some kind of dangerous threat to the nation – despite the fact that this group had repeated stated that it simply wanted to be left alone. The “legal” aspect of the government’s case centered around the supposed possession by the Branch Davidians of numerous illegal, fully automatic firearms. Subsequently it was found that they did not, in fact, possess a single illegal weapon. What’s more, if the police had wanted to pick up David Koresh on either the gun charges, or on the accusations of child abuse that were made against him, they could easily have done so while he was in Waco, alone, as he frequently was. Instead, the government chose to force a standoff that resulted in dozens of civilians, including many women and children, burning to death as they were besieged in their group’s compound. As crazy as their cult may have been, I don’t believe this to have been justified.

Neither of these cases can be considered the fault of the “far right activists” involved. Both were clear cases of federal government malfeasance. If these are the best arguments the Left can make for supposed “right wing extremism” posing a grave physical threat to the people of this nation, then they need to get a new day job.

Indeed, to the extent that there are efforts to commit political violence in this nation, they come from the Left, not from the Right. Just within the last couple of months, police have foiled bona fide terrorist threats from left-wing activists. In Wisconsin, a man carrying a backpack was arrested at the Capitol in Madison after he made threats to throw Molotov cocktails at Governor Scott Walker on Facebook. The man, Kvon R. Smith, identified himself with “Idle No More,” a left-wing group that is an offshoot of the Occupy movement.

Back in November, a man and a woman were arrested in New York City after police found bomb making materials, explosives, a large cache of weapons, and a copy of the “Terrorist’s Encyclopedia” in their apartment. This couple was connected with the Occupy Movement as well.

Indeed, the Occupy movement seems to generate crime and violence wherever it goes. All across the country, Occupy protesters have been involved in rapes and other sexual assaults, drug dealing, vandalism, assaults, and even murder. Some of the activities of the Occupy activists have gone from simple crime to the threats of political, as well as actual, violence. In Ft. Collins, Colorado, an Occupy protester was arrested in connection with a $10 million dollar fire that gutted a condominium complex. An Occupy Portland protestor was arrested for throwing a Molotov cocktail at Portland’s World Trade Center. Three other protesters at Occupy Portland were arrested for manufacturing homemade grenades.

Let’s not forget the sedition, either. “Anti-capitalist” protesters at Occupy DC have openly proclaimed their plan to “take over the military” so that they can effect a coup d’état. And who can forget noted left-wing columnist Ted Rall urging the Occupy movement to revolution, which he openly acknowledged means “violence in the streets.”

A couple of years ago, radical Left protestors at a May Day celebration who were protesting for illegal immigrant rights rioted, shouting “The streets are on fire!” and “Revolution!” as they busted out windows, set businesses on fire, and tagged properties with anarchist graffiti. In years past, left-wing activists have been involved in numerous incidents during our elections in which they have vandalized their political opponents’ properties, shot out the windows at the headquarters of Republican candidates, made death threats against Republicans and conservatives, and even physically assaulted their political opponents.

The Left warned us that this was what the Tea Partiers were going to do, remember? The Tea Party rallies were going to devolve into a bunch of right-wing fanatics rioting, beating up racial minorities and gay people, and shooting at anyone who disagrees with them. Remember that?

Yet, you’re hard-pressed to find anything criminal that has gone on at any Tea Party rally nationwide since the movement began. Tea Partiers even pick up their own trash – they certainly aren’t out there blowing things up or shooting at their political enemies.

Further, we should note that to the extent of what we know about these mass shooters in recent years, they have leaned almost uniformly to the Left. The Columbine shooters came from “progressive” families that were registered Democrats, and were known for their virulent anti-Christian views. The Virginia tech shooter was known to have written hate mail to President George W. Bush and his staff. The Ft. Hood shooter, in addition to being a radical Muslim, was also a registered Democrat. More recently, the Colorado theater shooter last year was a registered Democrat, a member of the Occupy movement, and had been a staffer for the Obama campaign. The most recent shooter at Newtown, Connecticut was a registered Democrat who also hated Christians. Jared Laughner, who shot Rep. Gabby Giffords a couple of years ago, was known to have hated George W. Bush, and reputedly disliked Giffords because he thought she was a sellout, not liberal enough.

Of course, for years we’ve seen sporadic acts of violence from radical environmentalist and animal rights groups – the well-known “tree spiking” (designed to break logging equipment and cause crippling injuries or death to loggers), the torching of housing developments and SUVs, vandalism and robbery at facilities where animals are used in clinical testing, physical assaults on people wearing fur, and so forth. Not as well-known, but equally as prevalent, is the tendency on the part of radical environmentalists to think that reducing the human population by, say, a few billion by any means necessary might be a good idea. Lest you think the plot of Tom Clancy’s book Rainbow Six was just so much straw man building, there really are a few fringe eco-fanatics who want to radically de-populate planet Earth of human life, and it is a more mainstream position in the Green movement to believe that Earth would be a lot better off with a lot fewer people on it, even if most public pronouncements don’t come off sounding quite so harsh as those emanating from the fringe.

Speaking of population downsizing, don’t forget that it was Pres__ent Obama’s mentor, Bill Ayers (of left-wing terrorist group Weather Underground fame), who once stated that after a communist revolution in America, they might need to kill off as many as 25 million Americans who simply could not be re-educated out of their non-progressive ways of thinking.

Surely, this sort of behavior, this danger that lefties pose to others, is only the preserve of a few marginalized nutcases, right? In many cases, perhaps. But then again, you also have the recent case of a Democrat State Senator in Nevada who threatened to shoot fellow Democrat and House Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, so maybe the crazy goes deeper than just the Occupy movement. Of course, this isn’t the first time a Democrat politician threatened or actually committed violence, either randomly or against a political opponent. Who can forget Bob Etheridge, formerly a Representative from North Carolina, who assaulted two of his constituents while they were trying to ask him questions while on a public sidewalk? Then you have Jim Moran (D-VA), who beat up his wife in 1999 (a proximate cause for their later divorce), and whose son (a staffer for Moran’s campaign, who was also caught trying to defraud the election in his district in 2012) apparently following in dear old Dad’s footsteps after being arrested late last year for beating up his girlfriend. Moran was previously infamous for physically assaulting Duke Cunningham (then a Republican Congressman from California) in the Capitol cloakroom in 2005, and for also threatening to physically assault (“I’ll break your nose!”) Republican Congressman Dan Burton on the floor of the House. So it looks like many “mainstream” Democrats – you know, people who managed to get elected by other people – aren’t exactly sane or balanced either.

Now some might argue that I’m painting with an awfully wide brush – not everyone on the Left is a violent sociopath, right? Of course they’re not, and of course I’m being somewhat facetious in implying that everyone on the Left is a danger to others, at least in this way. But the point is, it’s sort of hypocritical to get your knickers in a knot about what I’ve just written – which is all based on actual events and what actual people on the Left have said and done – and yet have no problem with the taxpayer-funded “report” I mentioned above that essentially does the same thing to the ideological side that the current administration disagrees with (and let’s face it – that report is nothing more than a political hit piece with zero basis in actual facts). All those lefties who love the whole Alinsky-style “Isolate, demonize, destroy” tactics forget that these can be turned around against them (and using credible facts to boot). Indeed, the weight of evidence available suggests that if there really is a political position prone to violence against its foes, it’s the Left. I hate to say it, but there really are many (but obviously not all, or even most) on the Left who love the idea of herding those they disagree with into re-education camps and disposing of them. The histories of Russia, Germany, China, Kampuchea, and the rest show this to be true.

“Right wing militias”? That’s a diversion. People who believe in the Constitution, smaller government, federalism, defending life, protecting our 2nd amendment rights, protecting private property, affirming freedom of religion, demand lower taxes and less spending – these are not the people trying to radically change the very fabric of this country, often by any means necessary. Those on the Left – even those who aren’t engaging in violence like the Occupy movement of the Weather Underground or the radical eco-fanatics – are the ones trying to do so. They’re the ones who aren’t content to simply leave other people alone to live their lives as they see fit. When it comes to weapons, I’m not worried about some hillbilly in the backwoods with an AR-15. I’m worried about the power of the state, with the barrel of a gun, forcing the American people to live by the Left’s dictates, rather than our own. Because even if a left-winger is not personally violent, and doesn’t personally support violent revolution or suppression of their ideological enemies, the fact remains that these people vote and act in such a way as to enable and legitimize those in government who really do want to use the force of the government to intrude into every aspect of our lives, regardless of what we think of the matter.

In this sense, personally violent or not, left-wingers are a danger to our society and very way of life. Your rank-and-file leftist is a tyranny-enabler. Lenin called them “useful idiots.” While they may not be personally prone to trying to shoot you or to punching you in the nose, they nevertheless help to enable a government which takes more and more of your paycheck, has taken away your right to the health care you desire (as opposed to what the government will ration out to you), wants to take away your ability to defend yourself from criminals and tyranny, takes away your choice to do what you want with your own property, and many other assaults on our liberties.

It’s time that those of us on the Right stand up and say “No more.” We need to get busy about educating the low-information voters out there who vote for Obama because an article in Cosmopolitan magazine told them to. It’s time to start waking Americans up to the birthright of liberty that they are in the process of losing, perhaps irrevocably. And it’s time to start showing these Americans just who it is that is taking away that liberty – the Left. The Right has been far too gentlemanly for far too long. The Left has crossed the line of no going back, as far as the limits of “courteous” discourse in this country are concerned. It’s time to wake the slumbering giant once more, and get him good and angry. We must stop looking at those on the Left as deluded but relatively harmless scamps with whom we can have a good tussle, but in the end we can all share a good laugh around the table as we have a jolly spot of tea. The Left plays for keep – it’s time we start doing so as well.