What the BSA will Invite In: Dark Impulses Empowered and Applauded by the Infinity of Darkness

In a New York Post commentary titled, "Scouting's Suicide," writer Edward Whelan argues that if the Boy Scouts cave into 'gay' demands for tolerance and inclusion their abandonment of the teaching against homosexual conduct will have paved the way for, "...activists to sue troops that adhere to the traditional policy and to threaten troop leaders with personal liability." ("Scoutings Suicide: New gay policy can’t work," Whelan, nypost.com, January 31, 2013)

It’s equally clear said Whelan,

"...that, whatever short-term peace the change might buy, it won’t appease the ideological opposition in the long run." (ibid)

Terms like 'gay,' ideologue, leftwing, atheist humanist, secular, free-thinker, communist, Marxist, Nazi and homosexual lend themselves to confusion while clear-speaking lends itself to clear thinking.

Clear thinking requires plain, easy to understand propositions such as: all men---including those who hide their true intentions behind the aforementioned word-disguises--- are sinners. This being the case, while some humans can and will submit their wills to transcendant truth and moral constraints, many others will not. To the strong-willed, even the word "no" is an imposition resulting in wrath:

"For the law worketh wrath. For where there is no law, neither is there transgression." Romans 4:15

Into every generation are born Cain-like individuals who, even as children, are willful, rebellious, sneaky, contemptuous, spiteful, malicious, manipulative, resentful and hateful toward every vestige of authority and moral constraint, which they view as impositions upon their absolute sovereignty. To such people, sin is not what they do but what other people are always guilty of doing to them. It is not, for example, the case that Cain tells lies but that Abel prevents Cain from telling his own version of 'truth.'

As adults, Cain-like people see it as their mission in life to subvert, pervert, and tear down all moral law (restraints) and institutions that stand between themselves and their insatiable egos and base appetites. The working principle of this sort of person is: “I am, therefore I am entitled.”

By whatever innocent-sounding arguments 'gay' activists use to persuade and goad, their ultimate goal is liberation from all aspects of God's Revelation beginning with, "He made them man and woman."

The taproot of modern "gay" liberation stretches back to 1700. It was then that a group of apostate Christendom Cain’s calling themselves “freethinkers” had begun agitating against God's Revelation, the Christian church, and moral constraints. In 1708, Jonathan Swift--famous for his acerbic satire--- skewered freethinkers and the ‘social advantages’ they saw in the abolition of Christianity:

“I appeal to the...polite freethinker, whether in the pursuit of gratifying...passion, he hath not always felt a wonderful incitement by reflecting it was a thing forbidden...It is...proposed as a great advantage to the public that if we...discard...the Gospel, all religion will be banished forever, and consequently those grievous prejudices of education, which under the names of virtue, conscience, honour, justice, and the like (are) so apt to disturb the peace of human minds (and) so hard to be eradicated by right reason or freethinking, sometimes during the whole course of our lives.” (Gulliver’s Travels and Other Writings, Jonathan Swift, pp 449-454)

Christianity said Swift, is hateful to free-thinkers because by,

"...laying restraints on human nature (it is) the great enemy of the freedom of thought and action. “ (ibid, Jonathan Swift)

When we consider that the great heros, or liberators,' consistently hailed by modern Cains are murderous, despotic barbarians such as Pol Pot, Kim Jung II, Fidel Castro, Lenin, Stalin, and Sadam Hussein it comes as no surprise that the foul pervert and murderer—the Marquis de Sade—is lauded by "gay" liberationists.

De Sade is the role model for contemporary "sexual orientation" and "alternative lifestyle" groups, and is celebrated as a,

“....heroic apostle of individual rights, a giant of philosophical thought, and a martyr for freedom of conscience.” (Sade, a Biographical Essay, by Lawrence Bongie, 2000)

In a 1951 essay, “Must We Burn Sade,” Simone de Beauvoir (icon of lesbian goddess feminists) identifies Sade as a forerunner of Freud with an intuitive grasp of the nature of the human heart. In celebration of abnormality and dark appetites, Beauvoir wrote:

“Not only does Sade...anticipate...the ‘pansexuality’ of Freud, but he also makes eroticism the mainspring of human behavior...He knew that the ‘perversions’ that are vulgarly regarded as moral monstrosities or psychological defects actually envelop...intentionality. In a passage in ‘La Nouvelle Justine’ he tries to explain coprophillia (excitement over feces)....(and) he points out that the truth of a thing lies not in what it is but in the meaning it has taken on for us in the course of our individual experience. Intuitions such as these allow us to hail Sade as a precursor of psychoanalysis.” (Douglas Lynott, www.crimelibrary.com).

Lynott not only provides us with an idea of Sade’s obscene "sexual orientations" but also the depths of the evil passions which motivate contemporary, powerful 'gay' movement insiders:

“Assisted by his wife, two other young adult women...and his valet, Sade assembled his captives daily for a mélange of activities: masturbation, fellatio, sodomy, sodomy chains, and...scourging. The very acts that cause...people of reason and morals to recoil in terror provided the Marquis with sensations of ecstasy: the physical and emotional domination of another and the violent destruction of youthful innocence. This ecstasy is portrayed by one of the protagonists of “Philosophy in the Boudoir,” who exclaims, “How delicious to corrupt, to stifle all semblances of virtue and religion in that young heart!” (ibid)

Sade revealed that dark inner ‘promptings’ are the source of his ‘sexual orientations’ when he wrote:

“I wanted only to try to live in accord with the promptings which came from my true self. Was that so very difficult?” (ibid)

As free moral agents, we always have the choice to either act upon or to reject dark promptings. Just as we can choose to lie, cheat, and steal we can choose not to commit these sins. Sade obviously never developed the inner self-discipline necessary to reject his dark promptings. Thus he first became controlled by them, and then eventually was transformed by them into an obscenely perverse creature whose name became synonymous with sado-masochism, which had thus become the source of his ‘true self’ after the fashion of the men of Sodom and Gomorrah:

"Before they had gone to bed, all the men from every part of the city of Sodom — both young and old — surrounded the house. They called to Lot, 'Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.'" Genesis 19

The "gay" rights operative scheme now comes into focus. First, like their father the devil, they hold out temptations to seduce the unwary into giving into and acting upon dark promptings. This they call the self-actualization process. Then the actualized ‘dark impulses’ are deceptively cast as ‘sexual orientations.” In this manner they create ‘sexually oriented’ special-rights groups which are then manipulated into destroying America’s traditional Christian-grounded culture while simultaneously allowing 'gay' Cains to have 'legal' access to our most vulnerable: children and young adults.

In “The Politics of Bad Faith” (www.discoverthenetwork.org), former red-diaper baby David Horowitz writes that powerful 'queer' activists plan to create a "queer utopia” populated by "queer genderless beings’:

“Queer revolution is thus the ultimate subversive project: It proclaims not only the death of...God, but of Nature’s Law...theirs is the ultimate Nietzschean fantasy: a world in which humanity is God. The future will give birth to a new revolutionary people, no longer male and female, but queer. Queer is the Promethean category of the post-modernist Left.”

In a blatant endeavor to violate and destroy the innocence of youth and enslave them to dark impulses that they can "have sex with" children and animals as well as rape females, consider the following examples from our Cain-controlled academia:

(Warning: Very Graphic Descriptions)

Prof. Peter Singer of Princeton advocates bestiality:

“Sex with animals does not always include cruelty...not everyone objects to being used by his or her dog...” (Source: ‘Whistleblower”: Brainwashing 101, vol. 14, no. 9)

Prof. Marjorie Garber of Harvard encourages “not just love of dogs, but love with dogs as well.” (ibid)

Prof. Susan Scotto of Mount Holyoke teaches a ‘stripping class” while Prof. Harris Mirkin of the U. of Missouri encourages pedophilia:

“Children are the last bastion of the old sexual morality” (ibid)

U. of Colorado Prof. Craig Palmer wrote the book, “A Natural History of Rape” which states that rape confers a selective advantage on men. (ibid)

Efforts at "violently destroying the innocence of youth,” this time of teens, is evidenced by the following examples:

1. “Time Magazine: School Event Exposes Massive Cultural Campaign to Promote Homosexuality to Kids” (Robert Knight and Benjamin Frichtl; Concerned Women for America)

“A cocktail party in Manhattan with billionaire liquor magnate Edgar Bronfman, Sr., and Clinton political strategist David Mixner was held in May to raise money for the Point Foundation, a scholarship program to turn ‘gay’ kids into homosexual activists."

2. “Turning girls into boys”

“A female-to-male transgender conference attended…by hundreds of young women including teenagers…was sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign…world’s leading homosexual organization…included a panel on “How to Do SM (sadomasochism)…a grotesque and disturbing pedophilic painting (was) prominently displayed (of) a baby boy lying naked on his back being sodomized by the nipple of a baby bottle.” (Peter LaBarbera, WorldNetDaily.com, Feb. 2002)

3. “The Little Black Book—Queer in the 21st Century”: this unspeakably obscene book was distributed to hundreds of teens at Brook School, Brookline, MA, Apr. 30, 2005 at an event organized by the Gay and Straight Education Network (GSLEN). Among other activities kids were encouraged to explore was “pee play”: urinating on each other. This updated version of the Marquis de Sade's writings can be viewed at: www.article8.org.

Listed below are examples of Cain's success in unleashing the destructive forces of uninhibited erotic passions while simultaneously transforming our nation into Sades ‘pleasure castle,' a modern Sodom and Gomorrah:

1. “Express route to controversy in Atlanta—pedophile musical (Variety.com; Mark Blankenship, 12/19/05)

2. “NYPD Black and Blue? NY Police Recruit at Sadistic Sex Festival

“Sadistic sex practitioners defend...whipping…beating…hand-anal fisting…burning their bodies with hot wax…bondage…as ‘consensual.’ (Peter LaBarbera; www.americansfortruth.com)

3.“Dance Sponsored by ‘Gay’ Millennium March Features Homosexual Orgy, Gruesome Sadism

.....“witnesses saw a sadistic stage scene in which a man was strapped to a large St. Andrews (x) cross—his head covered with a black hood—while another man stuck needles into his chest.” (ibid)

5.“US teacher sexpidemic spreading across planet: Long list of American rapists joined by female Australians” (Joe Kovacs, WorldNetDaily.com, 12/14/05)

Having successfully unleashed moral and sexual anarchy upon America, Cains now seek to have anyone who objects declared mentally insane:

“Calif. Psychologist Wants ‘Extreme Bias’ Against Homosexuals Added to DSM” (Washington Post, Shankar Vedantam)

For many long years Americans have been abandoning the Gospel with the result that our culture both looks and smells like a rancid cesspool. Now the Boy Scouts are under pressure to submit to Cains perverse demands. But as Whelan warned, if they abandon their moral standards in a foolish attempt at appeasement, they will eventually be forced to surrender every vestige of morality and as they swirl down the toilet, find themselves welcoming the men of Sodom and Gomorrah:

"....we are going to destroy this place. The outcry to the Lord against its people is so great that he has sent us to destroy it.” Genesis 19

In increasing numbers, Americans are rejecting their Creator, the God of Revelation in whose spiritual image they are created. Thus they no longer know that human beings are meant for higher things and noble causes. We are not meant to behave like beasts in heat. Sex is soul-deep, not just skin-deep, thus we are men and women—not ‘sexual orientations.' These aberrations are the true ‘social constructions' whose taproot is Sodom and Gomorrah. They are inventions of Cain---birthed by dark impulses, brought to life in the imagination---empowered and applauded by the infinity of darkness. To embrace them is to embrace the self-loathing idea that we are less than we are.

@Linda Kimball