Pre-election. Fine. Gael promised that they would not introduce abortion. That was a lie.

They have now introduced  “The protection of Life in Pregnancy Bill”. That contains a lie. A more accurate title would have been, The “Destruction” of Life in Pregnancy Bill.

Mr. Kenny claims that this bill would involve only a very small change in the law. That may well be, but it would involve a giant leap for lawlessness. 

Once a government adopts legislation making it legal to kill an innocent person, because that person is stated to be causing undue stress to another person, a red line has been crossed. Mr. Kenny should consider how exposed such a law would leave politicians and bankers. The elderly should also be worried. A report issued in Oct. 2012 by the Centre for Ageing Research and Development  stated that between 2006-2021 the number of people requiring long term residential care in the Republic of Ireland will increase by 59%. Considering the current financial crisis, the pensions crisis, levels of unemployment and emigration, one doesn’t need to be unduly resourceful to imagine a possible solution. 

On Wed. May 22 a young man was brutally hacked to death on the streets of London. The news was flashed around the world and the world reacted with shock and horror and rightly so. On that same day in London an unborn child was hacked to death, not on the street but in its mother’s womb. It was however, only one, of approximately 600 children who, on that same day, suffered a similar fate across Britain, but in these cases there was no shock or horror. Double standards?  Some, of course will argue that the unborn child is not a person. Another lie. Everybody with even a rudimentary knowledge of microbiology knows that life begins at fertilization. 

There might have been some excuse for that kind of nonsense prior to the electron microscope, but since its advent there is absolutely none.                                                                                                                          

Mr. Cameron has vehemently declared his determination to fight terrorism in whatever form it presents. Since abortion was legalized in the UK in 1968 over 7 million unborn children have been murdered. Let him begin there. The thugs who murdered Lee Rigby were right about one thing:- “None of you is safe.” 

Globally, 55 million unborn children are murdered every year. Yet our carbon footprints get far more publicity than the 100 million little footprints which disappear annually. Have we all gone stark raving mad? Have we lost the use of reason?

Steve McGarry,

Cork, Ireland