Theistic evolution has been present in the evangelical community for some time.  However, the aggressive promotion of theistic evolution began the founding of the BioLogos organization in 2007.  The BioLogos has a strong relationship with the Templeton Foundation.  All evangelical denominations are the targets of promoters of theistic evolution and the PCA is no exception.  By 2016, supporters of theistic evolution within the PCA include well prominent pastors, prominent seminary professors, academics and ruling elders.

The most proponent pastor who supports theistic evolution in the PCA is Dr. Tim Keller, the pastor of Redeemer PCA which is located in New York City.  In 2008, Dr. Keller authored the book The Reason for God.  This book made it to #7 in non-fiction on the New York Times bestsellers list.  In his book, Dr. Keller expresses his support of theistic evolution.  Dr. Keller contributes to the BioLogos website and on that website (10/29/16) is listed as an endorser of BioLogos.  In 2016 Keller was a speaker at the 2016 General Assembly of the PCA.  Dr. Keller is an example of the BioLogos objective of recruiting leading pastors to theistic evolution and then letting them influence those who look to them.

The most influential voice for theistic evolution in the PCA may be that of Dr. C. John “Jack” Collins, a professor at Covenant Theological Seminary, which is the denominational seminary of the PCA.  Dr. Collins is a participant at BioLogos events.  Dr. Collins is the author of papers (1994 and 1997) that support the t Analogical Days Interpretation; this interpretation is described in the PCA Report.  Dr. Collins is the author of several books on creation related topics.     

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 BioLogos and the Templeton Foundation panentheistic philosophy:   

"the Templeton Foundation has a very clear agenda—a utopian, panentheistic philosophy that has an ecumenical goal of uniting the religions of the world around a synthesis of ‘science’ and religion, with ‘science’ seated firmly in the driver’s seat in this relationship. This agenda is being promoted by the lavish dispersal of funds to Islamic, Roman Catholic, Jewish, and other religious organizations, including, sadly, many evangelical Christian groups.”    

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