Easter and the Persistence of Guilt

Recently (3/31/17), the New York Times had an article by David Brooks with a title that caught my attention: “The Strange Persistence of Guilt.” Why do we feel guilty and what can be done about it? I’m writing during Holy Week 2017, and as a Christian I’m convinced that Good Friday and Easter Sunday hold the solution to removing guilt.

Geert Wilders and the Suicide of Europe

For years, the Dutch mainstream media have spread hatred and defamation against Wilders for trying to warn the Dutch people - and Europe - about what their future will be if they continue their current immigration policies; in exchange, last December, a panel of three judges found him guilty of "inciting discrimination". Newspapers and politicians all over Europe unceasingly describe him as a dangerous man and a rightist firebrand. Sometimes they call him a "fascist".

NASA's Latest Discovery of Earth-Sized 'Habitable' Planets Proves to be Gross Speculation

On 3 March 2017, we reported on the February 2017 announcement by NASA of their discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting the red dwarf star Trappist-1.1 These planets (identified in order of their distance from their star as Trappist-1: b, c, d, e, f, g, and h) vary in diameter compared to Earth from 23% smaller to 13% larger, but there the similarity ends and there is very little else about them that is like Earth. In particular, newspaper claims that they are covered in oceans of water are gross speculation, despite hugely imaginative artist’s illustrations, published by NASA.

California Declared Sanctuary State! Muslims Rejoice

The creases of grief etched in his face could not be concealed. Normally cheerful, he ran a men’s clothing shop in a mall in California. Expressing concern while asking about it, “Alfred” said he had just received a phone call informing him that his best friend in Egypt had been murdered, thrown to his death from the window of his apartment to the concrete below. All in the name of Jizah, or, Dhimmititude.

Muslims Have Greater Religious Freedom than Christians in Europe, Says Anti-Discrimination Chief

Martin Kugler, Austrian historian and founder of the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination Against Christians in Europe, said Christians were being marginalised on the continent while Muslims are treated much more carefully.

Speaking to ACI Prensa, the Spanish edition of the Catholic News Agency, Mr. Kugler accused Europe’s elites of pressuring Christians into hiding their faith while permitting Muslims to display theirs.