Facebook: You Don’t Own Your Face, We Do

Facebook’s massive facial recognition database grows each time you tag a face to a person’s name. Does that give FB the permanent right to catalog your face? What about your clothing and posture? All these can be used to identify you on the street, without your knowledge or consent. Technocrats are data addicts who can never get enough data. ⁃ TN Editor

New Star Trek honchos tell star: No mentioning God; we want a universe where He doesn't exist

I’ve been talking for nearly four years about the universe of mainstream television, where God doesn’t exist and plays no serious role in anyone’s life. In fact, you will often hear television characters refer to “the universe” itself as their de facto god.

So it’s no surprise to me that the new Star Trek series is applying the exact same principle, and doing so quite literally, to the point where an ad lib by star Jason Issacs was smacked down because it included the phrase “for God’s sake.” Mainstream television isn’t just disregarding God. It’s militantly going to war against even the most offhand reference to Him:

The Rolling Revolution in Sex and Gender: A History Leading To Transgender

In today’s culture wars, yesterday’s common sense is often tomorrow’s bigotry. No one thirty years ago imagined same-sex marriage; now opposition to it may be officially proscribed. Yesterday every kindergartener knew that boys have a penis and girls have a vagina, but the ascendancy of transgender rights seems to render questionable—even demeaning—some of the most familiar aspects of life, like sex-specific bathrooms and showers.

Enraged Occult New World Order: The surprising real reason for the hate against Donald Trump

 Forget most of the complaints and accusations against Donald Trump you are hearing these days. There is a growing, ugly and violent war being waged against the Trump administration and conservatives in general. Most of that war is being orchestrated and funded by massively-financed elites of one general movement – the several decades old movement for an aggressively secular, borderless, de-populationist New World Order and world government.

Satanist Katy Perry is obsessed with cannibalism

The devil likes nothing more than to strip us, whom God made in His own image, of our humanity. And there’s nothing more dehumanizing of oneself and the other than to commit cannibalism — the ingestion of humans by humans.

And yet, cannibalism has become a meme — an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture — in contemporary America’s sick culture.

Would baby Charlie have gotten death sentence if not a white male?

To illustrate why I ask it, here's a little background. It was revealed in 2014 that British authorities had ignored Pakistani Muslim child sex-trafficking rings for 16 years – even though the perpetrators were responsible for the abuse (and sometimes torture) of at least 1400 girls, some as young as 12. In fact, when complaints were made, the girls were often dismissed as tramps to justify the inaction.

Of course, they were only white girls.

And this abuse is still occurring, we hear.