Google's Next Data Mine Is Your Bedroom

It’s a familiar feeling: Type something into Google’s search bar, and then start seeing ads for it everywhere. Sometimes you don’t even need to search—Google’s already triangulated your desires based on your emails, your demographics, your location. Now that familiarity stands to get a lot more intimate. With a fascinating pair of new patents for smart-home technology, Google is hoping users will open their home to its trademark eavesdropping.


How can one possibly explain what increasingly appears to be the progressive left’s growing descent into madness?

What are normal Americans to make of the never-ending attempts to overturn the constitutional election of President Donald Trump by any means possible – legal or illegal, moral or immoral? What explains the willingness to savagely destroy decent people like Brett Kavanaugh and his family with willful disregard for the truth, evidence, presumption of innocence, due process, honesty and basic humanity? What explains the perpetually outraged mobs harassing Republicans and forcing them out of restaurants, movie theaters and airports – and the constant ludicrous demonization of them as “racists,” “fascists” and “white supremacists”?

"Requiem Mass: A Queer Divine Rite" Premiers Nov. 16 & 17 at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco

"Requiem Mass: A Queer Divine Rite" will have its San Francisco premiere on Nov. 16 & 17 at Grace Cathedral. The piece is an evening-length choral work by singer-composer Holcombe Waller, created to honor those who have suffered persecution due to their sexual orientation or gender expression. "Requiem Mass" is presented by Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in collaboration with Grace Cathedral's Ghiberti Foundation.

America's Media is not Independent. Rather, they’re proudly dependent on an unaccountable Trump-Hating globalism.

It’s not just DNC crimes the “mainstream” media refuses to cover. Look at how the media has ignored the sexual abuse scandal of the Catholic Church now that a noted Leftist is reigning as pope. My colleague George Neumayr has led the fight to expose the corruption in the church with little backup from the deep-pocket mainstream media.

Make no mistake, Trump (and his voters) are a threat to the global moneyed interests. Trumpism risks upending a system (loosely referred to as the “postwar order”) that has been assiduously built by a small percentage of global elites — in order to enrich themselves — while everyone else becomes wage slaves.

The Generation Gap and Our Rotting, Dying Civilization

But we are facing something more intense in our modern alienation between the age groups. This is because we are on the tail end of a thoroughgoing “sexual revolution” which has gone through Western Culture like a tornado, uprooting all of the old Judeo Christian Mores, and shattering th security and certainties which once came with it.

The reason I am sure we are at the tail end of it, is because I know that it has become unsustainable. There is no future for a society which is willing to sexualize pre teen children and call into question their very Gender. Ours is a dying, rotting civilization in which the engineers of that rot are at the wheel, driving us over a cliff!

The West Must Offer Immediate Asylum to Asia Bibi--An Unclean Christian

Her "guilt," as an "unclean" Christian, was for drinking water from a communal well, used by Muslim neighbors. Two Muslim women alleged that because she, a Christian, had touched the water from the well, the entire well was now haram(forbidden by Islamic law). Bibi responded by saying "I think Jesus would see it differently from Mohammed," that Jesus had "died on the cross for the sins of mankind," and asked, "What did your Prophet Muhammad ever do to save mankind?" She was accused of insulting the Islamic prophet Muhammad and put on trial for "blasphemy." She was told to convert to Islam or die.


Back on Baylyblog where close to fourteen years’ of documentation of the decline of the American church reside, there is a tag “gelded discourse” that was inspired by Tim Keller.

For twenty years Tim Keller’s influence on pastors spread like wildfire across the church. Initially, back in the early nineties, I trusted Keller. When women and men left our congregation for New York City, I was thankful to be able to recommend Keller’s ministry at Redeemer Presbyterian Church. After all, he was a pastor in my (then) new denomination and it never occurred to me he might be soft at doctrinal battle lines such as CreationhomosexualityHellfeminism, and abortion. Nor did I know anything about his preaching. Having left the more liberal Presbyterian Church (USA), it was my assumption all was well.