Elite Contempt For Their Own People Common Denominator In Brexit and Trump Victories

Throughout the Western world, beyond the economic issues and even beyond specific social issues like gay marriage or abortion rights, voters are motivated to vote for the populist, nationalist right in part due to their anger at the left and center-right’s undisguised contempt for them.

In the United States, the left’s snobbery reached its height with Hillary Clinton’s castigation of Trump’s supporters as “deplorables.” 

As In the Days of Noah

A short time ago, my wife and I were having lunch in a small restaurant on a Sunday, and nearby was a lady pastor, dressed in black clergy garb and collar.  She was sitting with several couples around a large round table.  It appeared this was a group from her church, having lunch after their service.  As they ate, there was a lively discussion about “fundamentalist” Christians, and how deluded they are.  “The problem,” this lady pastor laughed, “is that so many people are stuck in the mindset of what they have always been taught.  But now we KNOW so much more.  Now we have SCIENCE, which explains so many things that were mysteries to the Bible writers.  If only these fundamentalists would open their eyes and adapt to the times!”

Grooming Our Children--The LGBT Juggernaut: Time for Christians to Face Our Failure

Note: The following contains candid discussion of male homosexual behavior.

The dreaded moment is upon us. The Equality Act has passed out of committee in the U.S. House of Representatives. It will pass the House and move to the Senate. The White House (a house divided) has criticized the bill, but has not threatened to veto it. Christians who backed this president must contact him and demand that. Call your congressmen and your senators. If we stay silent, this may become law. And that would be the end of freedom for Christians in America. 

How Much They (Progressives) Hate Us, How Little They Know Us

Sikivu Hutchinson is angry. At you, and at me. And it shows. Wow, does it show, in her article yesterday for The Humanist, titled “Keep ‘God’ and Theocrats Out of Our Wombs.”

This is how she describes those who made Alabama’s new anti-abortion law happen. But let’s not leave it at that distance. This is how she describes you. This is what you must be like, as a supporter of unborn life. Hutchinson says you:

  • [Commit] atrocities

  • [Want women] barefoot, pregnant, and bombed back to the Stone Age

  • Are dominionist

  • Are bound and determined to hijack women’s rights

  • Hound and demonize pregnant women

‘Woke’ is the New ‘Saved’---Intersectionality As 'Smelly, Little Orthodoxy'

“Intersectionality” is the latest academic craze sweeping the American academy. On the surface, it’s a recent neo-Marxist theory that argues that social oppression does not simply apply to single categories of identity — such as race, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc. — but to all of them in an interlocking system of hierarchy and power. …

It is operating, in Orwell’s words, as a “smelly little orthodoxy,” and it manifests itself, it seems to me, almost as a religion. It posits a classic orthodoxy through which all of human experience is explained — and through which all speech must be filtered. Its version of original sin is the power of some identity groups over others. To overcome this sin, you need first to confess, i.e., “check your privilege,” and subsequently live your life and order your thoughts in a way that keeps this sin at bay. The sin goes so deep into your psyche, especially if you are white or male or straight, that a profound conversion is required.

As it murders conscience, will abortion kill self-government?

Elitists from both the major political parties are openly or tacitly promoting the transition to totalitarian dictatorship. To this end, they are slyly encouraging Americans to shift the aim of our self-government from its original aim of justice and the secure exercise of God-endowed right, to a new aim of radically selfish personal identity. They offer to secure our freedom to choose and assert this identity with abuses of government power – up to and including the mass murder of hapless human individuals whose continued existence interferes with our freedom to become whatever we choose to be.